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  • Youronetruelove ( 24W / Decatur, IL )


    Flowers, chocolates and dinner :)

  • Bcbake11 ( 27M / Ridley Park, PA )


    Dinner and ice skating or movie

  • Happymex ( 57W / Las Vegas, NV )


    It could be anywhere, I really don't mind where we go because it's going to come down to the CHEMESTRY, chemestry is so important , there's also has to be some physical atraction. Once you past that then all is good. Nic  more>>

  • David33776 ( 50M / Seminole, FL )


    If it's a good first date, the place won't matter. We will probably remember the place, but unlikely what we ate. Second date is usually the special one.

  • Rainflowerr ( 47W / Huntsville, AL )


    A good first date for me should be casual and laid back. Going on a first date would be for us to go for a walk. Walking, talking, and holding hands would give us those moments to know each other better as our conversati  more>>

  • Alshanique ( 20W / Jamaica )


    Dress Elegant with smooth music playing, nice wines,in cool cool environment,talk, laugh ., play, dance

  • northnewport ( 40W / Newport Beach, CA )


    Just a nice quiet dinner so we can talk and get to know each other and something close by just in case its not good and can get home quick. haha just kidding

  • bimbibimbi ( 35W / Hungary )


    A nice romantic restaurant... next the sea. with poetry and beautifull music

  • morena2025 ( 48W / Upland, CA )


    How about going out for dinner and get to know each other?

  • linni65 ( 49W / Fort Myers, FL )


    Looking into each other's eyes and can't stop smiling or talking. Time goes by quickly but we are so lost in the moment it's actually several hours that pass. We will know when we see each other that we both finally got  more>>

  • DestinyAgape ( 41W / Sanford, NC )


    Comfortable venue where we can enjoy each other's conversation and interactions.

  • yaaani ( 35W / Switzerland )


    We should have a very romantic dinner..drinking redwine nice food,talk to know eachother,he should be open talknig to me..

  • Soulsearch2003 ( 43W / Houston, TX )


    Dinner and a nice walk if things go well.

  • Maya2009 ( 35W / Swindon, England - Wiltshire )


    I just love Italy . Italian restaurant with lots candles and some amazing flowers following by walk by the river or sea would be amazing . Get us some opportunity to get to know each other , to talk etc ( of course I lov  more>>

  • Morena2024 ( 29W / Bucharest, Bucuresti )


    How about we have a candlelight and then take a nice walk on the beach.