First Date Ideas

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  • Gantsho ( 48 / W / Gauteng, Eastern Cape )

    Lunch or dinner @ the restaurant, dress code will depend on the type I choose ha! ha!

  • CharmingDreams21 ( 31 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    A nice dinner with lots of laughing

  • Sexandintimacy ( 41 / M / Dayton, OH )

    My first date idea is buying you a sexy black dress and heels, sending you instructions to be ready at 7PM for me to pick you up in one of my Exotic sports car for a nice dinner on town. Or we can meet for coffee and jus...  read more>>

  • Jonasa2000 ( 26 / W / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Having a good time, and eating wonderful meals.

  • beany002 ( 44 / W / Apollo Bay, Victoria )

    Casual dinner date to get to know each other.

  • Suhailian ( 36 / W / Distrito Nacional )

    I love a romantic dinner with a good conversation, I'm more a details person simple things can win my heart but most of them honesty is the key

  • fulfillmydreams ( 58 / W / Mount Pleasant, SC )

    Walking the beach, talking about life... yours and mine... a quiet, casual dinner by candlelight with laughter and flirtations... a kiss, so deep, so warm, you want to take me in your arms and never let me go....

  • Redita ( 36 / W / Romford, England - London )

    Dinner in a nice restaurant

  • Pigman1675 ( 47 / M / Warrenville, IL )

    A casual and fun dinner with a long walk and long conversation afterward. On a beach would be nice !!

  • Indescribable1 ( 56 / W / Caldwell, NJ )

    I like it when you make the first plans for drinks or dinner. Some place where we can get to know each other, maybe with some music in the background and a comfortable atmosphere.

  • mako71 ( 45 / M / Auburn, MA )

    Dinner & a drink, or maybe just meet for coffee.

  • jenparker ( 50 / W / Powell, TN )

    A nice dinner then a walk or a car ride with some talk time to get to know each other and enjoy good conversation or maybe a fun activity.

  • Mollaa ( 26 / W / Polokwane, Northern Province )

    I'm a foody so I love trying new everything that has to do with food.

  • luisafay ( 22 / W / Sutton Coldfield, England - Warwickshire )

    Candlelight dinner somewhere romantic

  • Legs1117 ( 53 / W / Fort Myers Beach, FL )

    I enjoy getting to know someone over dinner with a drink or two. Everyone has different life experiences and I am interested in learning about other people. There truly is only 6 degrees or less of separation between mos...  read more>>