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Dancing My favorite date ideas

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  • Cat051 ( 30W / Fresno, CA )


    Going Dancing and having fun. Going for a walk and if all goes good making out.

  • edcooley ( 55M / Waterloo, NY )


    II look for date out nice meal chit chat looking each other and see if we got anything in common

  • jones5594 ( 35M / Hacienda Heights, CA )


    I think I would like to go somewhere to dance. Maybe some Latin dancing and if you haven't been then I would take you to do some lessons. Then after go have some dinner and drinks and see where it goes from there.

  • aeroquane ( 36M / Lexington, NC )


    We go out dancing , have some drinks stroll along a river and kiss for the first time

  • malatji ( 35M / South Africa )


    Rather not say cause I have never dated someone from internet before

  • Brigittedance ( 59W / Coos Bay, OR )


    How about you bring a picnic and we go to the cove at Basendorf beach drink a good sweet wine or a beer to relax and warm up , you will bring a stereo that we can have some good rock and roll or hard rock I will show you  more>>

  • welshchick25 ( 25W / Abertillery, Wales - Monmouthshire )


    I like to go out on weekends with friends and quiet rather get drunk not all weekends tho đŸ˜‰ I like all my friends or accuaitances to be together as we are all fun together as for dancing in clubs or pubs I love it

  • Amandal002 ( 32W / Rathdrum, ID )


    Meet for coffee or a drink. Go for a hike or head out on the boat. Hit up an amusement park. Anything other than a formal supper.

  • Brown00000 ( 35M / Los Angeles, CA )


    Am so hurt in my first date am not happy when I remember thee past of it

  • SopranoOpera1 ( 37W / London, England - London )


    Salsa or other dance form (I'm a beginner!) Lunch

  • Elm638196 ( 19W / Tuscarawas, OH )


    My first date should make me have butterflies even hours after it ends. I want a guy who I can just be myself and even if it was quiet, it'd be a comfortable silence.

  • hotwelder4U2 ( 55M / Humboldt, TN )


    We meet at park. Sit and chat. Not into making plans that always get canned. So we go dancing then to a heated pool with Jacuzzi's all around.

  • Viki81 ( 34W / Netherlands )


    bowling, walking,bioscoop, sunset, romantic ;)

  • Jammiejones ( 21W / Rochester, NY )


    Dinner drinks then maybe back to your place for some bad tv ..

  • Sebastianmami ( 23M / Jacksonville, FL )


    Would take you to dance una bachatica