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  • maz1967 ( 47W / melbourne, Victoria )


    I like seeing someone for the first time over a coffee just so we see if there is the attraction of one another is there and if that's a hit we could maybe do lunch or dinner on the next date ..

  • MNGENTLEMAN ( 43M / Minneapolis, MN )


    A place of quiet where we can relax, have deep substantive,thought provoking, introspective,cathartic conversation to see if we are right for each other. Our first meeting I will not consider our first date as if we do n  more>>

  • Tanece08 ( 37W / Tampa, FL )


    Any place where we can have a great conversation.

  • ginger8462 ( 30W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    For cup of coffee and get to know one another

  • Livelife2024 ( 57M / Sugar Land, TX )


    Dinner at a nice restaurant and share with each other where we are in life.

  • yben172 ( 21M / Miami Beach, FL )


    Starbucks talk and coffee see where it goes

  • Merkava1818 ( 55M / Philadelphia, PA )


    Certainly no expert here, but "it" is saying "required"...........so how about ____________ or _________ and only when ______________ and if __________

  • sapphirreeyes78 ( 35W / South Charleston, WV )


    A romantic dinner is always my favorite first date. Any city is fine :)

  • Siameseeyes ( 46W / York, ON )


    Lets take one step at a time....get to know one another prior to meeting.

  • Hebekatia ( 43W / London, England - London )


    I am not fussy, I am happy with a coffee or a dinner. Or even a sandwich! I don't like creating expectations, just leave the things go naturally, but I think a first date is more about to see how we fell, as a pretends h  more>>

  • Ocea2005 ( 56W / Miami, FL )


    Let's meet somewhere casual, beautiful, simple and relatively quiet where I can get to know you better.

  • lch116 ( 49W / Ambler, PA )


    First date should be no pressure and light. I think it's nice to meet up for cocktails and chat, see if there is similar interest and attraction and then see if there is any interest in going out again :)

  • Kk_yeg ( 33W / Edmonton, AB )


    Depends on the other person and mood

  • SuzyQJ ( 42W / North York, ON )


    Sweet and simple a coffee/ tea or wine just to chat and get to know each other.

  • myskya ( 55W / Montreal, QC )


    Anywhere mutually agreed upon. Conducive to hearing each other, finding if the spark is kindled, and knowing if this meeting is potentially a beginning...