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  • alittleoffkey ( 25W / Brooklyn, NY )


    lets take a ceramics or painting class.

  • jesslv91 ( 23W / Henderson, NV )


    Here in Las Vegas we have a place called Wine and Design. Its basically a painting class while drinking wine! Each night they teach a different painting and you sign up for the painting you would like to do. I have yet t  more>>

  • dfc9412 ( 60W / North Hollywood, CA )


    I like the idea of meeting at a museum for our first date. That gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by classic beauty. Talking and walking through a museum really will give us a sense of our compatibility. The Gett  more>>

  • Phmark ( 44M / Japan )


    If she lives near my place , then I ask for sailing If she live far away from my place, I'll fly out there and I would like to meet with her at a big bookstore or university library then I ask for a dinner

  • wansten ( 37M / Pakistan )


    It depand on here.I am ready for all what dose she want to do on first date >>

  • paige5683 ( 26W / Bremen, GA )


    Idk Ive not been on many real dates

  • shirleychen ( 42W / San Juan )


    It would be in public place. 1. Somewhere very romantic for dinner. 2. would you like to go to one beach? 3. would you like to see an art exhibition?

  • Bennny2000 ( 45M / Washington, DC )


    I prefer a restaurant by the waterfront at night ,then take a walk holding hand's with a good conversation .Then hold a conversation about me and you ,plus astrology would be in the mixed of us talking .............

  • rlrz2013 ( 57W / Atlanta, GA )


    Would love to do something different than eating or going to a movie. We can bring a bottle of wine and stroke a little..

  • MelaMe ( 31W / PD, Veneto )


    Wherever you go in Venice is simply magic.

  • mandaroo ( 27W / Wethersfield, CT )


    I like fairs and carnivals and flea and farmers markets

  • Sam1508 ( 36W / London, England - London )


    As long as we have fun, its not that important where we go. If I was to choose however, it would be really nice to go to a museum or the theatre. Or if we go for a drink we can do something fun like play pool or table te  more>>

  • alphamale635 ( 47M / Mansfield, England - Nottinghamshire )


    Im an artist also do you have any drawing skills

  • Sebdewd ( 35M / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )


    Where ever the mood takes us, you never know what might happen

  • nostradams ( 26M / Barcelona, Cataluna )


    Visiting a museum to hold a conversation (see different points of view, talk and discuss), then a a walk on the beach and finally a dinner ;) too much? Visitar un museu para mantener una conversación (ver diferentes pun  more>>