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Walking or Hiking My favorite date ideas

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  • AimeeArden ( 30 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Im open to suggestions. What are your ideas?

  • Yazmin0000 ( 36 / W / Alpine, NJ )

    I love doing different things. I think hiking and/or working out. There are millions of possibilites so when I meet the right person the ideas will come.

  • briana889 ( 33 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Fresh start on here. First relationship was very hectic for me. Hate to remember it.

  • DuringTheReign ( 27 / W / Montgomery, AL )

    I like simplicity to start off as a date. Maybe a walk in the park or on a beach, or a small bite to eat.

  • Sgalla14 ( 39 / W / West Springfield, MA )

    Open minded. A nice dinner and a walk after. Or just a picnic to get to know someone. I am up for almost anything.

  • countrygirl98 ( 21 / W / Springfield, MA )

    I think a nice first date would be a walk on the beach.

  • RomanticKnight64 ( 51 / M / Great Falls, MT )

    Would love to find someone who would enjoy a day hike in Glacier National Park with myself and my trusty German Shepherd. I just need to make sure I can run faster than you if we come across a grizzly bear (just kidding  more>>

  • OneGreatNurse ( 48 / W / Clackamas, OR )

    I like to walk and talk down on the waterfront - lots to see and talk about down there!

  • galpal808 ( 48 / W / Honolulu, HI )

    My ideal first date is something relaxed, like a picnic in the park, a walk or a hike.

  • Scarlettblueyes ( 29 / W / Amelia Court House, VA )

    i love a game of hockey :D also a walk in the park is nice too that way we can hear each other talk :)

  • JennSeeker ( 42 / W / Rockford, MI )

    I like to go walking through the city, dropping by the shops. Window shopping is a great way to see what the person you are with is interested in. It also leaves dining options open, because there are so many great resta  more>>

  • PrincessL1309 ( 23 / W / Firenze, Toscana )

    I like walking on the seaside talking about passions and watching the sea.

  • sexynikki2004 ( 30 / W / Reading, PA )

    Our first date would be casual just to get to know each other. A quiet dinner and maybe a movie, then a coffee shop to talk.

  • doodooltalah ( 43 / M / Ashland, OR )

    A hike in the woods with a light lunch

  • faithbarton ( 28 / W / Kingston, Hanover )

    having a nice evening walk on the beach and then sitting down to watch the sunset