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Sporting Events My favorite date ideas

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  • jessLOVEme ( 22W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Simply going out somewhere to have fun and get to know you without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Where things can just flow naturally.

  • Fab_tastic ( 26W / Marcus Hook, PA )


    Te perfect first date for me would be going to a comedy show or a sporting event, something where we could get to know each other and not have a lot of pressure that way if we don't connect romantically, we can at least  more>>

  • kimby91961 ( 44W / Hemet, CA )


    Well one of us needs to plan it. Wouldn't mind if the man planned the first date from head to toe. Use your imagination. Some ideas are Wine tasting, coiffee, lunch, miniature golf, amusement park, universal studios holl  more>>

  • VosgeSweetheaert ( 41W / Atlanta, GA )


    I would like to leave the first date ideas to the man. I want to be able to trust his mind and respect his ideas.

  • lorilovegood ( 23M / Leola, AR )


    I like when a man can pick what we do however if I had to say.... I love sports. So a nice football game or a basketball ball game would be nice.

  • SportsCooking ( 37W / Mission Viejo, CA )


    Sporting event, happy hour, catching a game at a sports bar

  • emily_margaret ( 25W / Middleton, WI )


    My perfect first date would be going to a sporting event. Its a great place to get to know someone, have some laughs, and make great memories.

  • 4eve2000 ( 30W / Land O Lakes, FL )


    Depends on the guy and his interests......But I would not mind going to a football game and relaxing while getting to know a person. Being yourself and down-to-earth is what it's all about.

  • Mikecarlson221 ( 40M / Chicago, IL )


    Go somewhere far away from home, where we have never Been to.

  • irmadelapena1 ( 53W / Las Vegas, NV )


    We could have nice conversation with the cell off :)

  • heartsnyrfan ( 44W / Atlanta, GA )


    It will involve sports, art or conversation....Hockey is a huge bonus!

  • Samlew93 ( 21W / Carbondale, IL )


    Something romantic like a picnic in the park or simply being surprised

  • sexycali68 ( 46W / Brentwood, CA )


    Going to a sporting event, where we can talk casually, eat, drink and enjoy ourselves and not feel any pressure of a romantic dinner type setting.

  • collegechloe7 ( 23W / Normal, IL )


    I am pretty open to try anything once! I like adventures and a fun time... nothing too boring! It's more about the company than anything else :)

  • snowman5747 ( 42W / Monroe, LA )


    Dinner at a fun pub before a professional sports game followed by drinks. Would prefer an outside venue for drinks.