First Date Ideas

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  • LadyMe2014 ( 22 / W / London, England - London )

    Closing my eyes while picking a place on a map and jumping on the first moving vehicle that gets me there.

  • spinner429 ( 62 / M / Raleigh, NC )

    i will take you to where ever you want to have the first date.

  • Laurenn94 ( 21 / W / Marion, IL )

    Seeing beautiful things together as a first date is perfect. It sparks up great conversations too.

  • Budgetbreaker23 ( 44 / W / Ashton, IL )

    First date should be casual during the day or early evening to a public place, such as the zoo or farmers market or a concert in the park.

  • Justcheckn22 ( 43 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    Somewhere casual, maybe meet at a park... Take a stroll. If there's a connection; even just a friendship connection, then maybe grab a bite to eat...

  • ReneOrih ( 37 / M / McAllen, TX )

    The soothing sound of the wind as the suns rays gently hover around your body as if a halo. Jkjk. I love going to the beach!(:

  • Tru2numberone ( 51 / W / Salisbury, MD )

    My first date can be very simple. I don't require much. It can be walking along the boardwalk, talking and eating an ice cream cone. I find those types of dates less stressful than the fancy dinners and theaters. That ca...  read more>>

  • Toytoy12 ( 21 / W / Hattiesburg, MS )

    Something I've never done or seen before. I love to be spontaneous.

  • catilinf ( 26 / W / Myrtle Beach, SC )

    Dinner and sightseeing, or a musuem or something interesting.

  • Ally888 ( 32 / W / Singapore )

    coffee, movie, restaurant, arts or music or concert, something active like cycling or hiking

  • SimpleManofGod ( 51 / M / McComb, MS )

    Otis Redding said it best!! sitting on the dock of the bay. :)

  • AllieVB ( 52 / W / Altadena, CA )

    For a first date, anywhere with a nice atmosphere where we can talk is fine with me...I mean skies the limit I guess...maybe a casual event where we can talk yet walk around and see things to talk about and get to know e...  read more>>

  • honduranbabe ( 22 / W / Riverview, FL )

    My first date would have to involve doing any outdoor activity. Go sightseeing!

  • FlowerInHerHair ( 31 / W / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )

    Somewhere where we can talk. This is really important on a first date, all the fancy and creative surroundings can come afterwards :)

  • TriciaLynn ( 48 / W / Fairmont, WV )

    Would like to have a man take my hand, walk down a long lonely beach just talking, not talking, it doesn't matter, as long as all we need is to be comfortable with each other.