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  • Aone12 ( 36W / Memphis, TN )


    I would absolutely love going somewhere nostalgic for me to let you know more about where I was raised and maybe when you feel comfortable you could do the same. Then we could go somewhere really nice somewhere I have ne  more>>

  • ChimeIn22 ( 26W / Syracuse, NY )


    Driving up through the various areas in the adirondacks is beautiful and there's plenty of little towns to stop in and enjoy the culture!

  • lil_princess85 ( 29W / Clinton, IN )


    walking around looking at all that is beautiful in the world. Getting to know you without having to scream over music .

  • GiaLuree ( 46W / Enola, PA )


    My dream date is to fly to miami where my match/friend may or may not live. Settle in our rooms and start our weekend long date from there. I don't believe that you can really determine if someone is genuine without spen  more>>

  • devoteddiamond ( 21W / Mesa, AZ )


    I have always wanted to go to Zoo Lights. Get dressed all cute and get hot chocolate and walk and talk.

  • Kayakpics ( 42W / Issaquah, WA )


    I like to explore and see new things, so I would like to walk around Seattle. We can talk while we walk, see new things and maybe find a place to eat.

  • rrenee ( 43W / Portland, OR )


    Drive up the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, stopping along the way to visit some of Oregon's popular outdoor attractions. During the drive we can talk & get to know one another.

  • Love4udaddy ( 24W / Omaha, NE )


    A nice dinner and movie. Beaches, hiking and biking:)

  • metalne31 ( 44M / Kearney, NE )


    My first date would be a candle light dinner and take then see where it goes from there.

  • Peterluv ( 36M / Ghana )


    Hanging out somewhere near by the sea

  • Thayer ( 49W / Portland, OR )


    I enjoy all kinds of foods and enjoy so many different types of activities it is hard to be specific... so surprise me!

  • Joe4523 ( 27M / Sharon, WI )


    I'd like to have a nice dinner and some drinks while getting to know one another, and then after that go do something fun and interactive

  • HeavenlyRose22 ( 24W / Sacramento, CA )


    Dinner. A play. Bowling. Miniature golf.

  • Hellokittytonya ( 39W / Palmdale, CA )


    Coffee. Movies. Bar comedy show.

  • MarleyJack ( 36M / Jacksonville, FL )


    Just somewhere to chill. No club or anything stupid