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  • anestique ( 26W / Odessa, Odeska Oblast )


    How about we have romantic dinner at the cafe near the sea and then go to the sea cruise during all night, listening good slow music and nature sounds.

  • wkugirl ( 35W / Auburn, KY )


    The first date would be somewhere each person can be comfortable, first dates are stressful enough. Walking in a park or going to dinner or coffee.

  • Mia_Angela ( 20W / East York, ON )


    I love seeing new things & travelling.

  • smilingin2013 ( 55W / Folsom, CA )


    Sightseeing is a great way to get to know someone- it's fun and there are lots of places to choose from.

  • CuutiePye ( 39W / Tallahassee, FL )


    Sightseeing in beautiful parks, and enjoying an interesting conversation over light dining.

  • dente_monte ( 39W / Seattle, WA )


    Would you like to go on an hour cruise?

  • LovelyBarbiie ( 21W / Oxford, MS )



  • LDM832 ( 32W / Dandridge, TN )


    I would enjoy exploring a historic or unique local event that allows for conversation without forcing it.

  • Viviane12 ( 28W / New York, NY )


    I like to keep first date simple so we can get to know each other.

  • krissable ( 48W / Perris, CA )


    A nice dinner and a walk through a nice site seing are while we talk and get to know one-another would be wonderful

  • Coco_Bombshell ( 29W / Marietta, GA )


    I would enjoy something entertaining to break the ice followed by nice dinner where we can have a more informing conversation. I just like to build an interest and see if the connection is there for another date

  • Sweetness2105 ( 28W / Brantford, ON )


    Enjoyable relaxing! Some place where I can forget about everything and just be at peace!

  • JoAsia77 ( 37W / Seattle, WA )


    love nature ~ picnic would be great

  • 12flower ( 20W / Madison, NJ )


    Anything that is fun new and exciting, I like adventure and am always looking for something New to do, I am very into nature and sight seeing.

  • zerahdare7 ( 33W / Tarzana, CA )


    Somewhere fun where we can talk and get to know each other.