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Random Nighttime Activities

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  • NewinTown4friend ( 45M / Sherman Oaks, CA )


    I honestly don't really "date" so this is all kind of new to me.

  • Tiffanie2013 ( 37W / Batavia, IL )


    Candlelight dinners are always good. Movies are nice. A walk at night .

  • puttycatapril ( 50W / Cape Coral, FL )


    A nice long walk on the beach...to talk and get to know each other

  • Nickba123 ( 23M / New Iberia, LA )


    Sittin on a tailgate around a fire

  • Twinkleeyes8 ( 32W / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA )


    A nice dinner is always a good safe way to start and get to know one another... BUT... who wants to be safe all the time... let's live a little...Surprise me!

  • hottie903 ( 24W / Henderson, TX )


    I want the guy to plan everything without asking me a single thing... I like anything that's fun not boring.

  • babygirlamy ( 42W / Crossville, TN )


    Getting To Know Each Other Is What'sIt's All AbOut So Somewhere WherE The Music Isn't Too LOud ToTalk.Preferable Nice Romantic Place WherE W Can Look Into Each Others Eyes AnD Have Good Conversation

  • Sarastacey ( 32W / Etobicoke, ON )


    My ideal date is really anything. Starting off it might be best to meet for coffee or a beer just to get a feel for each other but after that I am game for anything. Art, food, travel, even the library. It's all about th  more>>

  • Kearstonn ( 20W / Scottsburg, IN )


    Well it has to be romantic. Cuddling and that kinda stuff is the shit I like ((;

  • kristna ( 23W / Moreno Valley, CA )


    Dinner and a movie. Walk on the beach. Or doing something exciting that either has been done or is something new.

  • Kathaleen802 ( 28W / Spruce Grove, AB )


    I'm a very easy going person. And people don't need to over due the date. Just be you and the first date will go perfect.

  • Carpediem918 ( 48W / Easton, CT )


    Honestly, I would love to be surprised!

  • ks_luck ( 27W / Lawrence, KS )


    Let's do something neither of us have ever done before, in a place neither of us have been before. Let's make memories!

  • happiegirl64 ( 50W / Tallahassee, FL )


    This really depends on what is agreed upon. I like a quiet place where two people can have a meaningful conversation. I never understood a movie on a first date as it doesn't really provide the opportunity for conversati  more>>

  • Misskitty14 ( 26W / Santa Monica, CA )


    anything fun and upbeat and not weird is good.