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Fancy Dining

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  • Powergirl27 ( 27W / Pompano Beach, FL )


    Wine bars, Hotels, restaurant lounges, Candles, Incense, Champagne and celebration.

  • Aeshaa21 ( 22W / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )


    How about we could take romantic walks and surprise me

  • Divine1207 ( 36W / Katy, TX )


    a beautiful surprise dinner in romantic setting and talking and be just us

  • fchoi49 ( 44M / San Mateo, CA )


    My first date would be dinner at a higher end establishment.

  • Goodtimechic ( 32W / Birmingham, AL )


    First class all the way, you tell me!

  • iamr2000 ( 53W / San Diego, CA )


    At a very nice restaurant with piano bar and some dancing in the evening

  • RedGyrl ( 24W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Something surprising. Spontaneous. Romantic and breath taking. memorable

  • Daya22 ( 26W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Restaurant with a view. , be it a garden, the horizon or the sea I love their outdoor patio space in the fall. Having appetizers and a glass of wine on the patio is so relaxing. A nice place we can enjoy fine dining and  more>>

  • Colombianwynter ( 20W / Somerset, NJ )


    Love a great meal, dim lights, great view give me elegance I love elegance

  • Ital2034 ( 19W / Tappahannock, VA )


    I love The Melting Pot. I have only been a couple of times. but it was great. Nice quiet atmosphere for talking and enjoying good cuisine. My dad is a chef from Brooklyn, so food is important to me.

  • moneyboy3 ( 20M / Chattanooga, TN )


    Going out then going home and having sex

  • Dreamingofnyc ( 21W / Boston, MA )


    I'm up for anything, but the traditional dinner/drinks at an upscale venue would be ideal.

  • cutie95 ( 19W / Frankford, ON )


    Anything where we can sit in peace talk and get to know each other, I'm not picky:)

  • SunsetLover2013 ( 64M / Canyon Lake, TX )


    A candlelight dinner. The table must have a table cloth. And some very good Barolo wines in the cellar.

  • Prisma_Prisma ( 33W / Raleigh, NC )


    Casual coffee date in the afternoon or morning weekend hike; if you're the casual type. Or a romantic dinner with wine and soft jazz if you're a hopeless romantic. I don't care where you live on this planet; but you need  more>>