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  • BlackoreanLove ( 30W / Tempe, AZ )


    I love surprises. My ideal date would be having an amazing dinner, Maestros, Vincents, Ruth Chris, Ocean Club, or some where I've never been, preferably by the beach, then seeing an art show or performance. I love the ar  more>>

  • Robyn124 ( 20W / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )


    My first date ideas ummm! I don't really have any but would love to do some different.

  • carolinedavis ( 47W / Grand Rapids, MI )


    surprise me with a romantic setting,and maybe a massage therapy get nice dinner I enjoy sea food.

  • theressa_h ( 30W / hamburg, Hamburg )


    Im not a demanding kind of person, so what comes comes. I prefare outdoor activities. Anything under the sun is great for me. I like creative ideas of date.

  • SoCalLovely ( 39W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    First date is really just brewing the ice and seeing if there's enough of a connection to continue. Prefer somewhere relaxed, maybe with a glass of wine and just chill and talk. If all is good… second date can be a lit  more>>

  • SugarPrincess95 ( 23W / Romania )


    Something special and fun interesting and amusing at the same time.

  • Uneek6117 ( 49W / Orange City, FL )


    A place where there are several cafe's and shops, to walk around and get to know one another.

  • babycallmemaybe ( 21W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    I'm not average, don't take me on an average date! :)

  • christyrox ( 37W / Dallas, TX )


    A game of chess is always fun! 😆

  • hili55 ( 34W / Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv )


    The beach..

  • WaterGirlLaw1 ( 53W / Palm Beach, FL )


    A walk on the beach, drinks in a sunset setting, lunch or dinner in an outdoor cafe. Finding out if we have that special chemistry.

  • AMHbroken91 ( 24W / Kane, PA )


    Movies Dinner Cuddling Bon fire Mudding Meet Family Camping

  • bebekyuz ( 21W / Hayward, CA )


    I enjoy the night view A LOT. I like the simple things, it doesnt has to be too fancy, I rather get to know you instead of just having one good night.

  • funsize79 ( 35W / Austin, TX )


    My first date depends on who you because I am a chameleon...

  • NellieR ( 28W / West Palm Beach, FL )


    As a Sagittarius I like it spontaneous.