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Dates that make a difference

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  • Dreamguy0 ( 31M / Beltsville, MD )


    Dinner, walking in the park and visiting a local comedy club or movie/romantic theater

  • sophh194 ( 20W / Stockton-on-Tees, England - County Durham )


    Something fun and exciting I want to get to know you something were you can feel relaxed

  • loveMM ( 45W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    first date? in my dreams... ----------------------

  • Mrs90210 ( 34W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    somewhere really romantic and wonderful

  • MochaGoddess92 ( 22W / Tampa, FL )


    Maybe a nice walk along the beach or river talking and laughing, getting to know each other. We could grab something simple to eat as we learn more about the different things we like and where life has taken us.

  • TallBlondeGolfer ( 56W / Naples, FL )


    I believe going to the Naples pier at sunset would be a nice first date. That way we can walk and get to know one another. It would also be a romantic setting. We could see if there is chemistry.

  • tasha0731 ( 33W / Tampa, FL )


    I like to experience new places. I love a nice restaurant with a beautiful view.

  • Rainydays0621 ( 30W / Titusville, FL )


    Fun! All about having a good time, making memories and food :)

  • BittyBoo ( 24W / New Britain, CT )


    My first date idea can be something as simple as a picnic dinner date to trying something crazy such as paintballing. I'll have fun just as long as I have a connection with the other person

  • malajo ( 54W / Brick, NJ )


    Appetizer and drink is always a great beginning

  • tuqnguyen ( 23W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    A lovely dinner or just coffee, theatre, comedy show, food and drink event, art exhibition, casual stroll along the beach, fine dining, etc

  • UniqueFemme ( 50W / Kansas City, MO )


    Great venue, time to talk, the possibility that lunch turns into an all day date.

  • lilbit721 ( 40W / Detroit, MI )


    Our first date, I would like to meet of course in a public setting. Maybe out for lunch or to the park, so we are able to talk and get to know each other.

  • Vintage_gal ( 26W / Detroit, MI )


    Shall we run through the mud-covered sloths of Mamekeku while eating shomahatas and drinking chekalobos? Or how about we take a short boat ride through the hidden coves of Vendilavra, while sipping the finest of Vincent  more>>

  • gwenaellefiona ( 20W / Sanger, TX )


    To me I never limit myself to things. I don't have a certain "perfect date" expectation. As long as we're having fun, making memories and there's food involved I'm all up for it!