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Culinary Adventures

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  • Cocowhite ( 38W / Mont-Royal, QC )


    Meet in one of local hidden treasures ... quiet coffee shop or restaurant. If you capture my attention then we will spend few hours lost in our bubble ....sharing, living, laughing and discovering about each other. I'm c  more>>

  • Byron20 ( 40M / San Francisco, CA )


    For a change of pace, how about taking a cooking class ). It's a ton of fun, there's no pressure, and if you are still interested after seeing me butcher a goat cheese souffle well then we may just have something special  more>>

  • Desboo ( 19W / Duluth, MN )


    A nice dinner maybe something we've never tried and a nice walk or another adventure to get to know each other better.

  • GreenChileGal ( 30W / Albuquerque, NM )


    A simple place to have a great IPA.

  • DrLJL204 ( 56W / Orchard Park, NY )


    A lovely well-established, well-rated restaurant with an excellent wine list for a leisurely meal allowing time for the good conversation that surely will ensue then a walk afterward in the warm evening fresh air.

  • belle_la_vie ( 22W / Charlotte, NC )


    Food is the way to my heart! I'm a very big cook...so I love discovering new foods.

  • Bwaters22 ( 33W / Kalispell, MT )


    My favorite place to go to dinner in teatro zinzanni in Seattle. Wonderful food and amazing entertainment!!! I think a great date would involve and activity or doing something fun. Like a hike or a cooking class or going  more>>

  • browneyescorpi0 ( 44W / Brandon, FL )


    I prefer meeting over food and drinks, and some sort of activity where we can get to know each other and have fun and break the awkwardness of a first date (mixology, sushi making, cooking class, wine tasting, etc.)

  • Ashley207 ( 24W / Malaysia )


    Trying out an authentic exotic restaurant that we both have never tried.

  • TRUEGRITS ( 28W / Conway, SC )


    Good food, charming atmosphere, good music and great conversation.

  • KimberlyKay2013 ( 51W / Atlanta, GA )


    Lunch at an outdoor cafe with a great view of the city or even the country side. Maybe some live music and great conversation.

  • Deb19542000 ( 60W / Branford, CT )


    Possibly breakfast...I think it is less intimidating. I'm flexible and I like pretty much everything. Yes...I am a foodie.

  • Angela20132002 ( 37W / amsterdam, Noord-Holland )


    in any nice, warm and insipiring enviroment!

  • Juju_magic ( 29W / Berlin, Berlin )


    I can imagine a picknick in a park or a funny old fashioned boat trip to see some sights, laugh, getting a sun burn ;)

  • gorgeous14 ( 29W / Castro Valley, CA )


    Can we go to an amazing restaurant ran by a famous chef? :)