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Culinary Adventures My favorite date ideas

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  • jessica71 ( 37W / Sweden )


    Taifood with a glass of wine. Candels and a flower in the table;)

  • seant09 ( 30M / Chicago, IL )


    Maybe take a cooking class together over a couple glasses of wine

  • FindMeHereNow ( 47W / Vero Beach, FL )


    A undiscovered bistro or restaurant that an amazing chef just opened, This way god forbid if we don't click the food will at least be really good LOL ;) So what do you think up for the adventure?

  • PS_BeMine ( 39W / Athens, AL )


    Brunch, conversation and chemistry.

  • sweet_x_thang ( 35W / Salem, OR )


    eating some where outside on a sunny day sharing stories getting to know you and smiling from your jokes sharing or discussing commonalities and learning something new from the experience

  • LeighAnne911 ( 51W / Louisville, KY )


    wonderful dinner, then a barefoot walk on the beach

  • iliszabeth1984 ( 31W / Brooklyn, NY )


    I believe you can tell within minutes of meeting someone if there is a connection. I don't think the location of the date is as important as the overall "feel".

  • Angela55501 ( 37W / Scottown, OH )


    Well i want the both of us to hold hands and take a walk at the beach and talk with both of us facing each other looking at us in the eye.

  • Cindy12304 ( 26W / Los Angeles, CA )


    I have to confess that honestly I am a simple woman. The purpose of a first date to my is to see with two people have a connection. I would want my date and I to grow comfortable around it each before going on special da  more>>

  • carcarydd ( 48W / Austin, TX )


    My idea of a first date would be us sharing a new experience together by trying some new cuisine. I want to build a connection, which will be unique and memorable. I am all about trying a new, ethnic food that neither of  more>>

  • sanderzack67 ( 53M / Peoria, AZ )


    Let's meet, chat and see if we have chemistry. Good Conversation, Food and Drink!

  • GoodLovingGirl ( 49W / Saint Louis, MO )


    My first date idea would be in an environment where we can talk and get to know each other. I think you can learn a lot about a person when you share a food adventure. If it's nice outside, the culinary adventure would b  more>>

  • RareRedPillGem ( 47W / Brisbane, Northern Territory )


    Candlelit dinner with a magnificent view of the sunset, followed by a visit to the Planetarium and then coffee. Skydiving/Motor racing followed by a picnic lunch in the most picturesque of surroundings. Volunteering a co  more>>

  • Giovanna1985 ( 30W / Indonesia )


    Dinner, get to know each other and have fun

  • blackpearl2024 ( 41W / Dallas, TX )


    My first ideal date is to go out for cocktails. This way you can loosen up revealing the REAL YOU.