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  • rinnzz ( 39W / Singapore )


    Certainly not the scene in any of the dramas. No expectations as it is not fair to judge anyone . It is more important to focus on getting to know the person as a new friend .

  • nikki_bemyname ( 31W / Carrollton, TX )


    Something fun, different, and in a comfortable setting

  • carlie2007 ( 49M / Monaca, PA )


    Mac donald not far from my house, just 8 minutes drive from monoca

  • Alexnyc1 ( 36M / Forest Hills, NY )


    Somewhere where it not noisy and you can talk. not be distracted by loud music or people partying crazy around. nice lounge, park atmosphere or cafe.

  • Indrek ( 31W / Kaunas, Kaunas )


    nice cosy cafe, rain through the window, hot tea, warm sweater :)

  • taprick7 ( 30M / Milwaukee, WI )


    Depends on the person. I'm not picky.

  • kenny00123 ( 33M / Dallas, TX )


    I would love to go hiking in a public park. That way it's the easiest way to talk and get to really know the other person. Afterwards, go to local restaurant grab a burger (or salad if you're thinking healthy) and talk s  more>>

  • Heartlongs4love ( 33M / Fayetteville, AR )


    One where we meet without any pressure or stress! Someplace that is not too loud so we can talk.... When we make initial eye contact.. both of our eyes.. light up with delight... You can feel an energy..... a positive en  more>>

  • alicejac ( 61W / Apopka, FL )


    For a first meeting. I prefer to keep it simple...meet for coffee or a glass of wine...get to know each other and expand from there. What do you think? I enjoy the theater and arts for future dates as well as fine or cas  more>>

  • BytheDelMarSeaRN ( 57W / Del Mar, CA )


    Coffee or lunch works for me! It is best for both of us to not commit to too much time on a first meet. I wont' be offended if the chemistry isn't there. It's all about making the connection. On a typical Friday night I  more>>

  • Missvip29 ( 35W / Peekskill, NY )


    Not to picky something romantic, and refreshing!

  • BlackenedRose ( 25W / Atlantic City, NJ )


    Somewhere with great BBQ lol or any good food

  • 1supersweetgirl ( 48W / Niagara Falls, ON )


    I am sure we can choose something together :)

  • useurcore ( 41W / Oak Park, IL )


    I love to be outside, so an outdoor patio or café is preferred. Dinner can be too formal, so maybe just an appetizer and a glass of wine and hopefully great conversation that results in laughter and a second date...

  • ayesha_t ( 20W / Dallas, TX )


    Picnic on a lake! Music playing, sun setting, just the to of us talking and enjoying each other's company