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  • Annayancy ( 26W / Troy, NY )


    i love the scene of the marriot.. very relaxing and they have the best bruch entrees..i am very passionate about my food i have a wide palit and enjoy different tastings any thing but swine..eeww!

  • lacenviolets ( 45W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Dinner by the beach or lake or pier and perhaps a big bottle of....root beer. Just kidding tea?!

  • Toyal6 ( 30W / North York, ON )


    Some where thoughtful to be at ... Especially where I can engage in a convo on a one on one basis .. Interacting eye to eye connection is very important

  • Jeannemarie31 ( 55W / Oak Bluffs, MA )


    A nice brunch with good conversation because that way if all goes well we have a whole afternoon together.

  • Imrockin ( 61W / Bakersfield, CA )


    It depend upon where the person is located. I think meeting for coffee or lunch would be okay...some place nice.

  • AZNative30 ( 33W / Peoria, AZ )


    just like hanging out and getting to know them, the setting isn't very important to me...coffee shop, walking around a shopping center, etc

  • PrettyLadyXL ( 42W / Upper Darby, PA )


    We can meet & greet at a coffee or tea shop.

  • HilaryKristine ( 41W / Santa Monica, CA )


    Coffee and maybe a walk on the beach? If you have a dog, I'll bring the frisbee:) Otherwise, I'm pretty open to any venue

  • Kimmary2013 ( 51W / Annapolis, MD )


    A Casual coffee for our initial meet is easy. But a first date.. hmm, that will take some more thought! I would hope there will be coffee or chocolate included (lol)

  • Emmanuela2013 ( 30W / Hollywood, FL )


    Surprise me...Loving me & my body took some time, but here I am. Emma Kiss is ready for the world, I just hope the world is ready for me...

  • PrettyGirl727 ( 27W / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    Some place nice and quiet where we can talk and get to know each other a little bit. Find out each other goals, hobbies, and interest.

  • GreenEyes1110 ( 50W / Detroit, MI )


    A beautiful sunny day.................we will make the rest together.

  • andrene2000 ( 32W / Brampton, ON )


    I just want to be comfortable and enjoy myself.

  • Victoria27th ( 25W / Carlsbad, NM )


    Something simple just 2 people meeting no pressure

  • mountainman98068 ( 68M / Puyallup, WA )


    I think that we shouldmeet and see how we feel about each other. If we ejoy one and another. Then go from there.