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Brunch My favorite date ideas

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  • yogahoney62 ( 53 / W / Cote Saint-Luc, QC )

    Dinner in Capri , a croissant at a cafe in Paris, or how about brunch on Notre Dame St.

  • gallivanter ( 40 / W / Redruth, England - Cornwall )

    The best meal of the day, but I dont like it too early around 11 is good after yoga or a surf.

  • 2xBoomAgain ( 41 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Brunch or lunch somewhere we can talk or walk around afterwards.

  • tumamita ( 52 / W / Houston, TX )

    K me sepa conkistar y le guste charlar

  • missyu2001 ( 36 / W / Singapore )

    Enjoying a platter of variety cheeses...love blue cheese!and a bottle of wine.

  • OMIRAJ ( 50 / W / Montreal, QC )

    We can't go wrong with simple lunch or breakfast

  • TXhappiness ( 25 / W / Austin, TX )

    I am a low key girl when it comes to the first date. Simple is better. I don't want to waste my own time or yours over an elaborate date if there is no chemistry. :) If there's a second date + I love the creative ones!

  • Cayenne911 ( 27 / W / Silver Spring, MD )

    Some where warm and sunny for brunch and get to know one another

  • Perfect10Thre305 ( 33 / W / Miami, FL )

    To be picked up with flowers waiting. My date should arrive on time. Open the door for me and treat me like a real lady. No talking on phone or checking social media unless an emergency. Lots of compliments and a sincere  more>>

  • DAREALBOSS2014 ( 25 / W / Springfield, MA )

    My first date I like to go eat n movie shopping know each other.. but wat I want s to meet da person n know da prrson not rush........

  • Butterfly1308 ( 36 / W / Stockton, CA )

    A nice brunch to work off than an adventurous walk by the water! Laughing and having a great time! Maybe some roller coasters or jumping out of a plane! Who knows whatever it is and wherever it is I'm sure it will be Fun  more>>

  • DAREALBOSS ( 36 / W / Springfield, MA )

    My first date I will like to know bout them.... n then see where it goes..... then go out to eat ... etc

  • kendrasdream12 ( 54 / W / Coram, NY )

    Maybe meet for lunch or dinner then a few after dinner drinks to get to know one another

  • Phoenix29 ( 31 / W / Wilmington, NC )

    I would start with a meal because that is the way to a man's heart but I want it More intimate so I would picnic by the water

  • francesca27 ( 38 / W / parma, Lombardia )

    meet for a coffee or lunch in milan