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Walking or Hiking

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  • Jmontalbano ( 21M / Richmond, VA )


    I'm a bit of a romantic. I like to pick up flowers and such to surprise my date and long walks after a dinner or lunch. I love to be outdoors and love to set and watch a sunset with someone.

  • chevygirl1972 ( 42W / Columbia, TN )


    Anything. I'm not picky.I like to try anything once. Nothing like jumping from airplanes and such. Lol just going for a walk and talking.

  • Am112277 ( 24W / Burlington, KY )


    A nice walk outside and maybe a picnic!

  • BohoBeach ( 47W / Los Angeles, CA )


    A walk on the beach, talking, getting to know each other or hey impress me...if you think we are fit, sweep me off my feet.

  • Loraina2013 ( 69W / Chicago, IL )


    Any place that is conducive to conversation.

  • adventurebelle ( 55W / Steamboat Springs, CO )


    It isn't so much where or what we do as long as it is quiet enough to hear each other and outside where we can enjoy nature.

  • ta2dmomm ( 39W / Schuylkill Haven, PA )


    hiking, something off the wall and fun!!

  • Dadude99 ( 24M / Albuquerque, NM )


    grabing a bite to eat then just go somewhere were we are alone to talk n get to know eachother better

  • Annswif4 ( 28W / Clarksville, TN )


    Anywhere we can talk and have a beautiful view.

  • djtb1234 ( 51M / Sedona, AZ )


    later I will think of something to write here first I am checking

  • RealBrwnSuga ( 54W / Roswell, GA )


    Being Bahamian, I love the caribbean islands.

  • Bananas135 ( 20M / Aberdeen, Scotland - Aberdeenshire )


    love the outdoors, sounds like a different first meet, never done it before :D

  • Jose_moore ( 25M / London, England - London )


    A walk in the park holding hands together sharing stories and a good laugh

  • linn101 ( 39W / Clinton, OK )


    I'd love a quiet walk on the beach or picnic in mountains.

  • Charles375 ( 19M / Greenwell Springs, LA )


    Doesn't matter where we are as long as I can we can talk with each other for a while.