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Sightseeing My favorite date ideas

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  • cuttiey ( 29W / Montgomery Village, MD )


    how about we have a candlelight dinner and then walk on the beach....

  • snpenn ( 40W / Greensboro, NC )


    A nice stroll in the park, perhaps a chat over a light meal.

  • Hotcountrygirl ( 39W / Kennedy, NY )


    Anything .. Depends on weather .

  • Papasurf ( 61M / Dallas, TX )


    Jet skiing Saturday morning, on one of my favorite lakes, If you ride well on water then maybe we take the Harley for a brunch ride Sunday. Could be a two day first date, who knows?

  • caregiver4ever ( 52W / North Dartmouth, MA )


    Hang around Siesta Key Village in Sarasota Fla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RebeccaB79 ( 35W / Pineville, LA )


    My ideal date is spending the day at the beach having fun and just enjoying each others company getting to know each other.

  • TravelFun2003 ( 41W / Lexington, KY )


    All things new are great for me. Drinking wine after exploring quaint shops, art galleries, a beautiful lake helps me relax from such a euphoric experience.

  • TruDiva4U ( 49W / Ashburn, VA )


    An activity date would be fun. Maybe exploring a museum, art gallery or interesting part of town.

  • niyl30 ( 37W / Allentown, PA )


    Dinner, shopping, trip to DC, getting to know each other.

  • Tonystarkjr12 ( 22M / Gainesville, FL )


    Going on a walk talking getting to know each other.

  • Ilikecheese74 ( 37W / Scottown, OH )


    I like long trips down to the cheese aisle in Walmart and eating a block of cheese for dinner, and a box of cheddar cheezits. That is my dream date so yeah

  • chabell ( 29W / Norway )


    I love going to the zoo on a first date. It's not too expensive, and it's hilarious to see your guy get all goo-goo over the koalas.

  • Demetria40 ( 42W / Frisco, TX )


    We should meet somewhere you absolutely enjoy because it is relaxing and serene for you.

  • Daphperth ( 30W / Perth, Western Australia )


    I've always liked to see places I've never been, or experience a familiar place in an extraordinary way. Maybe fireworks and sparkles and laughters.

  • seeker42 ( 37W / Providence, UT )


    I am a kind, sensitive, reliable, sympathetic and vulnerable woman. My friends say that I am well-balanced, honest and trustful. I like cleanness and order in everything. I like to communicate with friends and spend time  more>>