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  • brbinnisfree ( 25W / Pittsburgh, PA )


    Let's make a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to a kooky performance art piece, then go for overly pretentious and overpriced drinks at a play that plays Manu Chao remixes.

  • bobpomeroy ( 64M / Bisbee, AZ )


    hunt for street musicians and put a 20 in their container. try to blow 100.

  • johnb1 ( 50M / Sydney, New South Wales )


    walk on the beach in the twilight, then dinner at a nice Italian resturant, then head for a jazz bar

  • lapisky ( 54M / Happy Valley, OR )


    It would be nice to meet for the first time at a relaxing tea house for some conversation and talk about where we would enjoy eating later that night. But first to warm ourselves up to one another before attending a nice  more>>

  • delicateflowerfu ( 45W / Washington, DC )


    Meet for brunch and then to a baseball game (executive tickets of course).

  • presto123 ( 67W / Miramar Beach, FL )


    I would enjoy an outdoor activity such as biking or hiking, or for more romanticism a dinner in a nice restaurant.

  • ritzy1 ( 37W / Carlsbad, CA )


    Dinner and a great show... (art galleries, performing arts, music) or surprise me!

  • VJEquinoX ( 38M / Marburg, Hessen )


    Meet for an evening stroll on a warm summer night. Sit down at an open-air restaurant lit by candles with soft music being played in the background. Enjoy a bottle of wine and share a couple of different entrees while ch  more>>

  • FunLife2011 ( 39W / San Diego, CA )



  • MilaBaro ( 36W / New York, NY )


    It doesn't matter where and what and how. The only thing that matters is chemistry. Provided we have it, the evening will take on a life of its own. We will touch for the first time, slowly, and savour the electricity be  more>>

  • aliciabwealthy ( 25W / Cleveland, OH )


    My ideal first date would be some live comedy, then light drink and some late night bowling...

  • JulieAnn2006 ( 47W / Glastonbury, CT )


    Open, so much to do. Getting to know each other over, dinner. Having a cup of coffee. Or an evening out.

  • littlefairymiche ( 43W / Cartersville, GA )


    The best and simplest first date idea is having coffee or tea at a good garden restaurant or a coffee house. Well, hot chocolate for me :) Take a nature walk at the local park or beach. Visit a local tourist spot like a  more>>

  • VictoriaN2011 ( 54W / Charlotte, NC )


    Going to see a play and perhaps a nice dinner where we can get aquainted more. Public meeting. Public restuarant with ballet parking. Fine dining, dress up in a nice dress or suit with a tie. Nice environment with soft m  more>>

  • Nikon1000 ( 62W / Washington, DC )


    If you are with the right person, and lightening strikes, it lights up everything... so it really doesn't matter where..