Fun Date Ideas

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  • Country_Sweet ( 49 / W / Cortland, NY )

    Quiet conversation and peaceful surroundings. I'm pretty open and flexible to suggestion, a walk around town, anywhere there's no computer and my cell phone doesn't work! :-) If I had to choose doing something socially...  read more >>

  • yaelbosnoyan ( 44 / W / Redondo Beach, CA )

    the mind, going to theaters or out to see the town going on vacation

  • Danderson2011 ( 47 / W / Hanover, MD )

    My first date would be ideal if it involved going to a Broadway show or some other performing arts venue.

  • MJ1001 ( 36 / W / Miami, FL )

    I am a food as well as a wine connoisseur.. I also love the performing arts and live music. Surprises are welcome!

  • dancingspirit ( 59 / W / Bethlehem, PA )

    Hmmmm... "First date" is a little different than first meeting one another... Regarding the latter, I would think meeting at a nice cafè over coffee to get acquainted would be nice and then after parting and g...  read more >>

  • Nadian ( 26 / W / Buffalo, NY )

    Going on a romantic walk or to a play or movies

  • hendie1000 ( 59 / W / Willow Grove, PA )

    I'd like a first date where we've already set the foundation for the date through our initial telephone and email communications. For example, suppose we agree to see a movie or a play before we meet. We can read prior r...  read more >>

  • violetinca ( 66 / W / Yucaipa, CA )

    My first date idea is to go to a play or the opera together. Then after the play or opera, have a nice conversation or dinner or late snack, have a good laugh and then go home. Walking along the beach bare feet and watch...  read more >>

  • XOSROX ( 28 / W / Rochester, NY )

    A nice dinner and walk to a show of some sort. (Concerts, performing arts, events, art activities, music, dance, shows, comedy)

  • marinavan ( 44 / W / West Drayton, England - London )

    I think it would be a good idea to have a nice dinner in a cosy restaurant and then have a walk on the river-bank in the middle of the night, when the city is lit up and so beautiful. Nothing weird. Conversation is more...  read more >>

  • Lilly7072000 ( 55 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    Love to go to go to theatres to see a great play, broadway musical, sporting events, or just as simple as meeting for coffee.

  • mydreams4u ( 59 / W / Lehi, UT )

    I personally like places that evoke questions about life in interesting movie, a play, etc. followed by a bite to eat at a quiet booth, to have the opportunity to discuss those questions and to get better a...  read more >>

  • Jade272 ( 25 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Im not so much of dinner at a resturant type I like to be taken places I've never been a walk on the beach I don't mind,sit back and watch shooting stars as we cuddle next to each other I'd appreciate

  • darkrantz ( 56 / W / Long Beach, CA )

    Im pretty easy going so anything we do is fine as long as we can chat and get to know each other. Coffee, lunch, cocktails, dinner, all are fine with me

  • Charlie1219 ( 57 / W / Kansas City, MO )

    My first ideal date would be dinner out a good restaurant, then a Broadway show or the Opera. My belief is that if you can't impress me when it matters most, then you never will be able to. Impressing me also means being...  read more >>