First Date Ideas

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  • skorriv ( 52 / W / New York, NY )

    Shall me meet at the Chelsea Gallery in NYC ?

  • empathpirate ( 39 / W / Oviedo, FL )

    I love the outdoors. So a picnic in a park, or an adventure. Dinner would be ok, but no movie dates, please. Aim for something different, mini golf or paintball.

  • yasimil ( 45 / W / Barcelona, Cataluna )

    A simple walking at sunset, anywhere with good partner

  • Stephxlynn ( 29 / W / Kent, WA )

    I would love to go explore somewhere. I'm fascinated by museums, mansions, beautiful homes, different cultures etc. OMG I got myself excited!

  • Domenica2004 ( 37 / W / Delray Beach, FL )

    Hang out at a museum or catch a movie.

  • Thakaty ( 24 / W / Narva, Ida-Virumaa )

    Having good time in art museum or few hours on beach

  • LiveforAdventure ( 55 / M / London, ON )

    Out for a nice pasta dinner at Jack Astors or Olive garden followed by a nice stroll to chat and watch the sunset.

  • antoinette1s ( 44 / W / Rosenberg, TX )

    movie actionpacked horsecarriage ride or quik trip to a beautiful country

  • Thynubianqueen ( 35 / W / Glendale, CA )

    Sightseeing at the Getty, then dinner at Sam's or sushi at Pearl Dragon or Nobu.

  • DomesticGoddes12 ( 21 / W / Mohegan Lake, NY )

    The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, West 53rd street.

  • Silvinka22 ( 40 / W / Bratislava, Wien )

    To visite me in my city, than i can go to live to u, if u would love me.

  • arrabella2000 ( 65 / W / Granada, Andalucia )

    An intimate setting in a romantic restaurant with Latin music to dance to, where ever that may be. It really does´nt matter where one is, when you are with the person you want to be with all else slides into oblivion.

  • KimberlyKD ( 44 / W / Boston, MA )

    I think this would be a lovely first date. Just taking the time to stroll the halls of such a beautiful museum. Getting to know a little more about the other person. Their likes, dislikes, dreams and aspirations. I find...  read more >>

  • JKantor1024 ( 33 / W / Addison, TX )

    We can walk around and talk, maybe have a glass of wine and be able to talk and get to know each other without sitting silently next to each other in a movie theatre.

  • Annacarol ( 30 / W / Los Gatos, CA )

    something light and comfortable for boths. Please don't invite me to go to a nightclub there is no way to listen each other. Something simple will be good.