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  • Selfmotivated ( 54W / Norfolk, VA )


    Dinner at a fine restaurant or a picnic... impress me. I like a man with a sense of humor. Creative and knows how to have fun.Confident and knows how to live. Sure of what direction he is going. But most of all, I like a  more>>

  • ExploreTomorrow ( 64M / Red Bank, NJ )


    Let's "borrow' a plane and head to Italy for a five-star dinner on the Riviera. As the sun sets, we lose ourselves in conversation over a bottle of Chardonnay, and watch the stars come out... Or we could just grab coffee  more>>

  • Liza2016 ( 22W / London, England - London )


    It doesn't really matter where I am ...but who is with me :-)

  • meetic2000 ( 36W / adelade, New South Wales )


    beach fun was awesome love to be with my partner watching the sunset

  • AngelIQRose ( 31W / Mississauga, ON )


    I've been on first dates in many places. To me it's not as much about where? but rather about who?

  • ANewPerspective_ ( 55M / Fort Collins, CO )


    We catch a plane to the British Virgin Islands. We enjoy "island time" on Tortola, with long conversations over freshly distilled Rum Runners and spicy Callaloo, and our toes in the sand. Or we could just grab a latte at  more>>

  • Annasilva ( 23W / West Hollywood, CA )


    Nice dinner and great conversation!

  • jasmine140 ( 29W / Van Nuys, CA )


    Going to a game, concert, play, museum, event, something active/ creative

  • Sweetsimba ( 41W / Huntington Beach, CA )


    Wherever the magic is supposed to happen it will. I think we all have varieties of ideas of what it could be but what it will be is yet to be determined by the two of us. Or I'd rather it be a surprise!

  • YourGoddess2015 ( 58W / New York, NY )


    It's just the backdrop to exploring who we are and if we have that indefinable chemistry.

  • jwnycflyby ( 56M / Sunnyside, NY )


    If the eyes meet - That is the ideal moment.

  • Cristina2059 ( 44W / Madrid, Madrid )


    It should be depending on many things..

  • FairViola ( 39W / Palm City, FL )


    The place in not that matter as the companion is :)

  • Mila_01 ( 20W / Miami Beach, FL )


    I feel that a first date should depend on both of us. Taking into consideration what we both like and making a reservation at a restaurant neither of us have been to before sounds ideal.

  • vickers69 ( 46W / Rock Spring, GA )


    Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other but not so involved as to where if the chemistry is not there one or the other can bow out graciously