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  • lovelivelaughUME ( 63M / Chicago, IL )


    Eyes meet , across the table, or room, and our life's begin

  • sweetlise ( 45W / Minneapolis, MN )


    I know oldie but who can resist the goat-filled dates! Are they even on the menu anymore? So, I walk into a room …. you see me from across the bar and a slow smile spreads across your face because you are pleasantly su  more>>

  • crystalf0x ( 26W / Fresno, CA )


    Dinner and drinks over looking the beach

  • SockGal ( 42W / Fort Payne, AL )


    My first date idea would be to meet up for drinks at a cool and quaint restaurant. I would like to spend plenty of time communicating and getting to know one another. Becoming friends is the key to any relationship and I  more>>

  • Rockelle73 ( 41W / London, England - London )


    Trip to the beach, love a romantic meal, to a quite cocktail bar

  • SpicyJ ( 27W / Arlington, VA )


    Surprise me, I love surprises.

  • singleclarkston ( 49W / Clarkston, MI )


    I think the best first date would be drinks and a light dinner. We can spend time talking and getting to know each other.

  • Z8ManRed ( 67M / Rowlett, TX )


    Meeting at a quiet scenic location to have a drink or dinner to talk and see if there is chemistry...

  • Shellytot ( 54W / Honolulu, HI )


    At a nice upscale Bar/Restaurant where we can have a nice talk and get to know each other.

  • Tracmt96 ( 44W / Denham Springs, LA )


    I really have no clue what to write here... It depends on if I meet someone and where we both decide to meet in person.

  • Ljg1125 ( 30W / Denver, CO )


    I think a drink or two would be great to start and if things go well then we can go with flow from there:)

  • ocbustygirl ( 22W / Santa Ana, CA )


    Anywhere where we can both be comfortable. The beach with ice cream, the bar, a smoothie place. Nothing that makes it come off as a date.

  • Natete ( 36W / London, England - London )


    For a drink in a public place.

  • exoplaka7 ( 39M / Washington, DC )


    I figure just keep it simple to start. If things go well there will be more time to do other things later.

  • Belviso1 ( 35W / Bangor, ME )


    Surprise me! I'm pretty easy to please, I can dress up and do dinner or be just as happy with beer and a baseball game.