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  • kelly14 ( 39W / Newmarket, ON )


    Dinner or Drinks … an atmosphere where we could really talk and get to know each other

  • Madison2068 ( 38W / Reno, NV )


    I think somewhere casual, more like a meet and greet than a first date. Wear jeans and meet for a beer at the bar. As low stress as possible. No expectations. If the conversation flows, go from there, play it by ear. If  more>>

  • Scase28 ( 46W / Columbia, SC )


    Social setting where we can both see if there is a spark...

  • timeout2004 ( 56M / Oklahoma City, OK )


    Meeting for lunch or drinks to see if chemistry is there. We need that spark to light the flame.

  • Sunny92 ( 50W / Dallas, TX )


    I like to meet at a nice restaurant for a glass of wine the first time. That way there isn't a lot of pressure to finish a meal if there's no chemistry. But if there is chemistry, the date can be expanded to the entire a  more>>

  • Cookie2093 ( 45W / Oakville, ON )


    A good first date would be introducing me to a wine selection I have yet to enjoy!

  • nocheinmal7 ( 48M / Hudson, OH )


    Skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing.

  • Danelle1 ( 20W / Havertown, PA )


    I think a first date should be in a public place surrounded with people and just casual.

  • esygoingirishgal ( 49W / Reading, PA )


    A local establishment located between the two of us where we can meet for a drink or two to see if there is chemistry and decide whether there will be a second date!

  • btaliz ( 34W / Bronx, NY )


    Go out to nice day sunny go restaurant or just go to movies

  • pxtmia ( 32W / Miami Beach, FL )


    Let's keep it simple...if things go good I'm sure we'll do something to keep our date for a little longer.

  • Barbdesign ( 64W / Portland, OR )


    Let's quickly test the chemistry with a coffee or drink and take it from there…

  • Blondeladyee ( 55W / Lubbock, TX )


    A glass of wine with time to get to know someone & if the spark is there...then dinner.

  • nmb_79 ( 34W / Lakewood, OH )


    Can't go wrong with dinner and drinks!

  • Carolinabelle01 ( 46W / Raleigh, NC )


    I am up for anything, anywhere. Though it may be the first date, it will not be the first time we have spoken. As long as there is time for conversation that has minimal distractions.