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  • Juleps135 ( 36W / Athens, GA )


    Something romantic, intimate, special...different.

  • lovedoctor2014 ( 50W / Flint, MI )


    How about a candle light dinner and a nice coffee shop to get to know each other.

  • Whoadomino ( 34W / Orlando, FL )


    I would like someone to take the lead on this one. I am open to meeting anywhere in public. I prefer something casual as I'm a simple lady. Just looking to see if we have a connection. :D

  • lifesbeautiful ( 30M / Palm Desert, CA )


    Sharing dinner at a new cuisine, adventure and watch the sunset, spend time by the fireplace, enjoy the night skylight.

  • Cindrella19 ( 40W / Laguna Hills, CA )


    A nice memorable relaxed atmosphere

  • lgreenwood10 ( 23W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )


    Something simple. Just the chance to get to know someone, with lots of conversation and the opportunity to let someone know what it is your looking for to see if you're on the same page.

  • Happygirlintexas ( 43W / Roanoke, TX )


    Something memorable and something new. Not a place that you've taken anyone else.

  • AliceXx ( 29W / Stamford, England - Lincolnshire )


    As much as chatting over drinks is a great way to get to know someone it's not so adventurous , open to ideas / surprises ... Champagne , hot air ballon ....

  • Victoria1308 ( 54W / Dunedin, FL )


    Sweet and simple, let's go back to basics ...let's go to a place we've never been before, where nobody knows who we are and we can be our true selves.

  • geilh71 ( 36W / Philippines )


    romantic date in a classy restaurant

  • lollee ( 39W / adelaide, South Australia )


    Extreme adventures with a difference. Taking it to the extreme and trying new things.

  • IntuitiveGal ( 44W / Orlando, FL )


    Read the "about me" and "about my match" section of my profile, then surprise me...:-)

  • BbvBarbie ( 43W / Atlanta, GA )


    Let's do something... Not just sit and chat, but something real, snorkel for our supper, build a house for charity, run a 10k in the dark, climb mountain, or volunteer at the boys & girls club... After I'll cook dinner  more>>

  • madeira ( 36W / Los Angeles, CA )


    The beach .... Museum ... Italian restaurant ... Japanese ....

  • jauntymexgirl ( 42W / mexico city, Distrito Federal )


    because of the distance I would think a video conference would be a good place to start