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Walking or Hiking

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  • Outdoorsguy2013 ( 42M / Palm Springs, CA )


    I enjoy going for a walk or hike somewhere or just a simple dinner.

  • nazzz23 ( 35W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    An outdoor activity or a romantic candlelit with some long walks near the river

  • SoSweet2014 ( 52W / Prince George, BC )


    Dinner is a good venue for a first date....just somewhere casual where both can talk and get to know each other.

  • Stac909 ( 31W / Omaha, NE )


    I lite candle dinner Will be okay

  • jenniferqq ( 46W / Roswell, GA )


    I love to go walking in the park locally, especially now that its so beautiful outside. But my favorite hikes have been in parks in California and Kauai.

  • UCmehuh ( 36W / Phoenix, AZ )


    Long walk talking getting to know one another

  • prairie360 ( 27M / Fort McMurray, AB )


    Going for long walks an talking about eachother

  • dshayme ( 26W / Euless, TX )


    I want to walk around and get to know that person. And they learn a lot more about me.

  • Chrystyan ( 23M / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I love intimate settings so just places where we can focus on each other

  • Mselectric ( 32W / Los Angeles, CA )


    My ideal first date would go something like riding bikes or walking on the beach then after going to a restaurant with good food:-)

  • publicfigure ( 30M / Irvington, NJ )


    A walk, comedy club, out to eat, bowling and or pool, and my favorite paintballs and or go-karts.

  • CMalina ( 27W / Edmonton, AB )


    Walking or hiking is a good way to feel comfortable meeting someone new I find. Even doing random things just to shake things up a bit! After all the fun randomness and relaxed getting to know each other, a nice dinner o  more>>

  • Jonasbrothers ( 36M / San Diego, CA )


    We can meet Any where any time.any monument

  • xamead ( 20M / Corpus Christi, TX )


    Depending on how close I am, sometimes I enjoy staying in and watching a movie.

  • SensuousKnight ( 32M / Denver, CO )


    We could meet at a nice cafe or other cozy setting and get to know one another. Afterwords we could take a stroll through a park and continue sharing stories about one another.