First Date Ideas

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  • Vickie1980 ( 35 / W / Kings Mountain, NC )

    An evening Walk in the park followed by a nice picnic and a glass of wine

  • kevon1 ( 44 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Just sit back and chill and talk and getting to know each others and go on walksl and talk about likes and dislikes and i wouldn't mind going to the movies either but yeah thats about all.

  • Brianna_420 ( 20 / W / Ventura, CA )

    Chilling listening to music, smoking some weed maybe? Lol

  • Arod209 ( 25 / M / San Francisco, CA )

    A fun adventurous date why not know each other in different way then just having a simple dinner night.

  • hawaiihummingbir ( 58 / W / Port Washington, OH )

    Meeting the true person inside. Being able to learn about each other without the poof. To laugh and joke.

  • Bloodborne ( 45 / W / Arkadelphia, AR )

    Long walk to look at waterfalls, flowers, animals. Get to know one another

  • brittanyCross ( 19 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    I would like be doing something outside enjoying the weather and nature. Im really not too picky.

  • mslukas ( 31 / W / Grand Canyon, AZ )

    I grew up in a normal hard working middle class family, who taught me to work hard and not be afraid to go after my dreams. I am not a fancy girl by any means, I am not naive and am pretty perceptive. As to my ideas of a...  read more>>

  • Sheba22 ( 29 / W / Dayton, OH )

    I like to stay active so a walk in the park.... A good conversation and a picnic would be ideal for me

  • loyaltycharlene ( 36 / W / Durham, NC )

    I met my first love Walking down the street just took a hello

  • Rachelmarie123 ( 24 / W / Canton, IL )

    A picnic or a walk in the park or beach

  • Selinanana ( 36 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Since I love beach and animal, let's have a romantic walk on Coronado island. or San Diego Zoo may be our ideal places. if you don't like to do these, we can figure out together what to do.

  • _hazel ( 22 / W / Evansville, IN )

    i would love it when a guy takes me on my first date to a beach, hold my hands and talk to me about everything. Then, we would look into each others eyes like there is no one else in this world but us.

  • Twentythreepsych ( 26 / W / Ottawa, ON )

    Hiking ..,a picnic ? Coffee? .... I'm not picky, nor do I like extravagant over the top gestures before we get to know eachother .,, (not that that's ever happened....but im not a fan)

  • Fresi24 ( 25 / W / Spain )

    Me encantaría caminar por la playa con mi galán a la luz de la luna y que a lo lejos suene una suave melodía. Acompañado de una divina copa y una agradable charla