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  • moshy34 ( 39W / Hayward, CA )


    A hot chocolate, or some ice cream. What's the season?

  • beauangel ( 43W / San Francisco, CA )


    Lets try to charm each other... ha ha... good for a first date don't you think ?

  • lamarria ( 57W / Mexico, Distrito Federal )


    I enjoy reading and listen music, watch movies in home. I am passionate and love good conversation I love peacefully life and funny time. Don't like vulgar people.

  • amelieam ( 26W / Tampa, FL )


    Why spoil the surprise?) Would love to meet somewhere light enough to see each other and quiet enough to have a conversation.

  • Chicgirl88 ( 26W / Manhattan, KS )


    Ice cream. You can tell a lot about person about by what flavors they choose and who doesn't like dessert?!

  • LaranicoleNYC ( 35W / New York, NY )


    gabbing over cofee. Care free and whimsy.

  • CheekyLuvv ( 25W / Fort Washington, MD )


    They have the best cupcake in the city!

  • geor2003 ( 28W / San Francisco, CA )


    I like when a man pays for everything on the first date, like a true gentleman. In which case, I don't really care what we do. I am open to exploring both party's interests.

  • Leilah267 ( 44W / London, England - London )


    I would like to get to know the person first and them me. If things are working well then I would like to meet the person and maybe go out for a cup of coffee or in my case hot chocolate - I like to take thinfs easy step  more>>

  • Knight702 ( 46M / Las Vegas, NV )


    Something simple. If *Sparks* fly, the amazing Adventure begins...

  • awed09 ( 31M / Los Angeles, CA )


    Im not tryin to build a model doll... Lets get the connection in flowing mode ;)

  • trulymotivated ( 46W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    The best is to have no expectations....

  • Barbie1950 ( 64W / San Jose, CA )


    In Marie Calender Restaurant, I like a sweet pumpkin pie with ice tea !

  • missupa1979 ( 36W / Chicago, IL )


    Let's get together at the Pier, enjoy an afternoon just getting to know each other. Maybe play with the dogs at the dog park, then lets have Sundaes and decide how to burn the extra calories later!

  • majano ( 46W / Huntington Beach, CA )