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  • MagicFingers666 (38M/Brooklyn, NY)


    Having a Fantastic time with no expectations.

  • llieza (40W/New York, NY)


    Meet up for lovely brunch on a yacht then take a stroll through the park and maybe do some people watching.

  • lolo26 (39W/Mesa, AZ)


    My first idea, would be a nice conversation with someone who doesn't have to put up a show for me. I am tired of fake people who either lead with their money (lets face I know you have money already or you wouldn't be on  more>>

  • apluvr (39M/Sunnyside, NY)


    Meeting in a public place for a cup of tea and maybe a cupcake! Sweet tooth here.

  • JohnChen (41M/Schenectady, NY)


    Nobody, but you and me. No candles, but your and my beautiful eyes ignite all romance; We dance closer and closer, with feelings better and better.

  • bb4ever (49W/Tampa Palms, FL)


    Let's see what happens! I'mup for a good time.

  • 1dreamgirl (58W/Fort Lauderdale, FL)


    Some place quiet for comfortable conversation, you're the gentleman, you choose.

  • love2brussian (58W/Lesnoy, Sverdlovskaya Oblast)


    Kindness, respect, care, attention

  • wonderfulady54 (62W/Jupiter, FL)


    Something rather simple like meeting for a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone!

  • SassySyl (46W/Sydney, New South Wales)


    Meeting up for an Ice Cream and going for a walk along the beach and getting to know each other.



    Definitely, Jello Wrestling. =)

  • simpledimple (43W/Saigon, Ho Chi Minh)


    My perfect first date is when each person able to converse, to share and enjoy each others company over a nice dinner or having ice cream together. When you reach that, time and place are irrelevant.

  • wendio (55W/Miquon, PA)


    Meet halfway between you and I.....wherever THAT is..... :)

  • Princess9966 (35W/Hawthorne, NJ)


    I love sweets and you should too. I will even share them with you. ha

  • Semiramis (69W/Chevy Chase, MD)


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were the first date and also the last "date"?