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  • Jessmize4 ( 32 / W / Prestonsburg, KY )

    Depends on who it is with and what they are also interested in.

  • Poet_Christina ( 49 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    The horses and the barn dogs alone are so entertaining, they break the ice quite nice~ Wine tasting is always near by too...

  • candicween ( 37 / W / Long Beach, CA )

    Which two teams are going to the Super Bowl this year and who is going to win the final!!

  • copper2015 ( 65 / W / Detroit, MI )

    The first date should just be a coffee black. If we enjoy the conversation lets move on to brunch the next time.

  • bcdrew ( 43 / W / San Mateo, CA )

    I live here in the Bay area where sports teams abound and I have now become a big San Francisco 49ers and Golden State Warriors fan. A fantastic first date for me would be great seats at a game with t...  read more >>

  • ddk10021 ( 58 / W / New York, NY )

    Very 1st date would incorporate a drink with a casual activity, like a baseball game, where we can have a good time, without having to sit across a table and "interview" each other. We can g...  read more >>

  • sarahkc49 ( 23 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    One of my first date ideas would be pretty relaxed. A nice dinner downtown then head to the stadium to watch a cardinals game in some good seats and enjoy each other's company. Afterwards we could go...  read more >>

  • Darbymom ( 52 / W / Noblesville, IN )

    How many women actually could spend the day at an NFL game then come home and watch more? I'm a football junkie! So my first date would be about football! Home or away Colts game, watching from my cou...  read more >>

  • Diamahn ( 40 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I would love to go to a shooting range as a 1st date!

  • Beau7699 ( 23 / M / Australia )

    Idk I just wann be cute and find that number one girl

  • Greeneyegirl4u27 ( 54 / W / New Port Richey, FL )

    Let's go to downtown Tampa (the Channel side area). We can relax and have drinks and sushi at Jackson's Bistro while watching the sun set on the water. Then off to watch the Lightning play hockey at t...  read more >>

  • ASheldon ( 32 / W / Schenectady, NY )

    How do you feel about going to a game? I'm up for any team, as long as it's football!!

  • Gullieta ( 54 / W / Glastonbury, England - Somerset )

    Grand Prix Monte Carlo arriving in my Ferrari, staying on Chris Evans yacht

  • MandyCandy08 ( 31 / W / Urbandale, IA )

    I'd really love anything outdoors for a first date idea (as long as it isn't cold!). Something where we can interact, have fun and actually get to know each other all at the same time

  • Longtall74l ( 43 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    I am a Brewer fan. Taking me to a game is a great idea. Packer game too! I would even enjoy an Admirals game with a fun and sexy man.