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  • Shyla7 ( 29W / Miami, FL )


    We would meet for a quiet lunch and spend some time getting to know each other. After lunch go to the Metro parks and rent horses, take a nice horse back ride, spend time having fun and laughing, getting to know each oth  more>>

  • julianaxx79 ( 24W / Tucson, AZ )


    I love seeing new things, I don't go sightseeing a lone because I like experiencing new things with people and having that connection of experiencing something new with someone special. I have never been to the Grand Can  more>>

  • Short_sweet30 ( 32W / Cincinnati, OH )


    I never officially had a date so I'd be surprised! As long as the end didn't end with the assumption of me having to pay up wit more then a kiss we should be good! Smh

  • Maeva2013 ( 36W / Paris, Ile-de-France )


    Dîner en tête à tête sur la plage, ou dans un yacht au milieu de l'océan! Voyager à deux dans les endroits aussi merveilleux que nous.

  • kellybirkin2013 ( 29W / Paris, Ile-de-France )


    Surprise me.....................................................................;;

  • happyness83 ( 30M / Appleton, WI )


    I just like to have fun no matter where we go or what we do.

  • Jasmine0199 ( 22W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    I don't realy have an ideal date. As long as we are enjoying each others company and having a good time

  • born_2_success ( 23M / Los Angeles, CA )


    I would like to sight see on our first date. Walk around the mountains or beach getting to know each other. Then have dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

  • southergal61 ( 52W / Summerfield, FL )


    Lets walk the beach and get to know each other. Then go for drinks.

  • missy2424 ( 23W / Vista, CA )


    Nice Dinner, maybe walk to the beach to get a chance to communicate with eachother and get to know one another better...a movie with some wine with chocolate cover strawberries! Mmmm

  • writingmomma ( 51W / Davenport, IA )


    I would love to go sightseeing through the city of Boulder, Colorado. Afterwards, have a nice dinner and get to know one another.

  • nmarie2000 ( 20W / Thomaston, GA )


    My dream first date is spending the day at a park, maybe having lunch outside or taking a walk.

  • giamoon ( 45W / Salt Lake City, UT )


    I guess it depends on who you are and how our conversations go, our date can be anywhere from coffee to over the moon and back.

  • Lealea21 ( 23W / Cathedral City, CA )


    A nice elegant dinner do we can get to know each other

  • cougarslave69 ( 27M / Richmond Hill, GA )


    As cliche' as it may be I love the beach and think that would be great for a first day but also out anywhere doing any kind of fun outdoor activity.