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Random Daytime Activities

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  • darling_delenn ( 19W / Fresno, CA )


    I'm not sure what I would want to do on my first date. I'm not the go out and spend a lot of money type, so I'd be cool going to a park an walking around. You know just doin something fun where we can talk , laugh, and h  more>>

  • Walker_yamil ( 36M / Millville, NJ )


    Umm gotta be cool funny n just plain out us being ourselves

  • zpccph ( 30W / Honolulu, HI )


    a walk in botanical garden or something casual

  • Rhoxanne ( 27W / Hamburg, Hamburg )


    How about a bicycling trip to paris? ;) Nah, a bit long for a first date, so how about starting at 3 o'clock in the morning to the riverside of the Elbe near Hamburg and wait for the sunrise?

  • Fallenkira ( 19W / Woodstock, GA )


    For a first date i really think it depends how long i've been talking to the person and how comfortable i am with them. Once we've talked for a bit and feel comfortable then id like to discuss an amazing first date. It c  more>>

  • MsMagic70 ( 44W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I'm open for suggestions. I hope it's something cool and different, off the beating path.

  • kingtruth20 ( 21M / Blue Island, IL )


    Well i dont really care long as she happy and we have a good time

  • BakingMusic ( 20W / Columbus, IN )


    I've never been on a date so I don't know how these things work? I think going on a date to a carnival or something like that would be really nice,

  • MajorDomoAriGato ( 55M / Southlake, TX )


    Meet for coffee, tea or Tea Quila

  • Cynthia1976 ( 38W / Steenwijk, Overijssel )


    Hoe mijn eerste date zou moeten zijn? Misschien samen eten daarna een wandeling met als afsluiter een kop koffie.

  • danilani2000 ( 30W / Rockville, MD )


    I believe that dates should be fun. I'm open to doing different things, as long as we both are enjoying each others company.

  • faila2013 ( 31W / Alexandria, VA )


    Outdoor concert or music festival then dinner at a new restaurant

  • Sillyan2000 ( 45W / Houston, TX )


    Interested in having some fun and just a dinner or lunch really doesn't do it. Interested in random activities either day or night......

  • babycakez_love ( 23W / Patterson, CA )


    Just have fun and get to know each other

  • bonniebaby3 ( 22W / Redondo Beach, CA )


    I would really have fun going to get on some jet skies and like racing lol.