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  • prettyinpink66 ( 22W / Lakeland, FL )


    A nice dinner, somewhere kind of quiet so we can have a chance to talk and get to know each other, then maybe a short walk on the town.

  • Soliel2014 ( 41W / Tunbridge Wells, England - Kent )


    I like the casual get together for a first meeting, yet I don't really want to sit in a cafe or coffee bar for half a day. Show me your adventurous side and let's see where your ideas take us.

  • greeneyes209 ( 45W / Richfield, UT )


    I would like to go somewhere and do a fun activity, where we could laugh and joke. I think it would make it easier to open up and get to know each other. When you go to a fancy place with a new place, your are so worried  more>>

  • Christie88 ( 27W / Aberdeen, MD )


    I like surprises and spontaneity so for me a first date can be just about anywhere as long as it is a true reflection of the other person's interests.

  • MsMetha ( 37W / Indianapolis, IN )


    My first date requires a quiet place to sit or walk around that we would be able to focus on getting to know each other like a cafe or walk in the park.

  • CelesteSW ( 31W / Clifton Park, NY )


    Let's take a dance lesson and choreograph a dance to a good pop song

  • Rileygirl2014 ( 23W / Huddersfield, England - West Yorkshire )


    To be honest I think if two people have been chatting before meeting they will know each other enough to do something they both enjoy

  • emmamme ( 57W / Tomball, TX )


    An all day ride on horseback over the mountain and down to the Gunnison river for a picnic lunch and a nap, then back just before dark. Clean up horses, shower, dinner at nice restaurant.

  • poolangel ( 50W / Little Rock, AR )


    I would like to keep it simple just maybe a walk through the park and have a picnic if weathered allowed

  • andreargh ( 19W / Santiago, Region Metropolitana )


    Aw man, I like walks in the park and then maybe movies and ice-cream and go for a bite somewhere.

  • Mimisunshine ( 50W / Philadelphia, PA )


    Lets get dirty... Paintball, race cars, go hiking

  • dd2221126 ( 35W / Seaford, NY )


    I really, really, really want to go to the NY Aquarium when its redone. Unfortunately, they are still recovering from Sandy. FYI ... they let all the animals go when that happened! I also want to go to the Bronx Zoo  more>>

  • Luvnay ( 23W / Hayward, CA )


    Going out on a nice romantic dinner, share lots of laughs then maybe a nice walk/sightsee.

  • B3333_ ( 24W / Woodland Hills, CA )


    I've yet to go on a formal "first date", so I don't really have any specific wants or expectations other than to do something well thought out and fun.. I believe the people and their conversation along with their abilit  more>>

  • Ash136 ( 30W / Austin, TX )


    My schedule is all over the place, so it's fun to just snag a quick meet-up anywhere. Completely relaxed, just to meet to see if there's a connection.