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  • LilyRose17 ( 57 / W / Fontaine-le-Port, Ile-de-France )

    I am open to any suggestion .... Coffee shop, dinner, or just a walk in a nice area. I am an outdoor person, any lovely convenient place you may like

  • katrina2132 ( 44 / W / Rome, GA )

    I'm kinda more about the quality of the time spent together rather than the expense of the date. If you have quality and you give me your time we would have an amazing date no matter where we were!

  • yourmvp ( 34 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    A fun time!

  • StormBlue ( 53 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    First date ideas, something non-formal and no pressure. Nothing special, a cup of coffee or quick drink and just get to know one another. I would rather plan something short and if the conversation flows and the time fli...  read more >>

  • MadeInBrasil77 ( 40 / W / Budd Lake, NJ )

    Any place we can really talk, connect, and get to know eachother - therefore, movies are out of the question for obvious reasons....

  • tin_cii ( 20 / W / Fremont, California )

    i imagine a first date as an relaxed experience were you get to know each other an have fun. maybe like going to the zoo or going to an animal shelter to walk a dog. sometimes just a simple coffee is enough

  • ShortnSweet1964 ( 54 / W / Platteville, WI )

    Lets do something that gives us the chance to talk to one another.

  • Danielle317 ( 47 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    A movie, walk in the park, site seeing. Or go sit somewhere and just talk.

  • VaniaRi1 ( 43 / W / Inkster, MI )

    I think a variety of simple things makes a good first date like going for coffee or a quick lunch later or early light dinner or like a snack. Could be great first date ideas the more relaxing the easier the nervousness...  read more >>

  • champagne320 ( 47 / W / Kingston, PA )

    I believe it should be very special where you go. A hoarse drawn buggy ride, sightseeing in Paris is romantic, walk on the beach, or a home cooked candlelit dinner in front of a fireplace blends the mood.

  • MagicMoment10 ( 48 / W / Del Mar, CA )

    A get to know you session that involves food and fun

  • Pommes ( 32 / W / Zurich, Zurich )

    I am a woman who still believes Glenn Miller is missing. My ideal falling in love date is a hazardous meeting as smooth as “Stranger in the night”. Since that’s slightly out of this century, let’s have a coffee a...  read more >>

  • patreecyadavis ( 38 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Looking for a man to take charge.. Ask me out, plan the date, take a hostage, overthrow a government, nuke my ex's hometown, and then buy me a puppy... Or better yet you decide.. Cause thats all I could come up with.. ha...  read more >>

  • OshaSteele ( 20 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    I always wanted to go to an amusement park or ride in a hot air balloon

  • Sharon303 ( 60 / W / Aurora, CO )

    Casual getting to know each other. Impress me with your wit, character and ability to have an intelligent conversation. If a spark is ignited the romancing can follow with future dates and adventures. If not, we part fri...  read more >>