First Date Ideas

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  • Immaculatedami ( 36 / W / Cumberland, NC )

    No preference, whatever works for both of us. Maybe somewhere nice and clean.

  • PeterJohn2525 ( 37 / M / Odessa, TX )

    Well as far as options for a first date the options are endless ....

  • DancingTom ( 58 / M / Cincinnati, OH )

    I want a first date to be something that we both enjoy doing so we can talk and explore each other.

  • Katt09 ( 43 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    I am open to anything! I love the outdoors!

  • Chelseagreen27 ( 27 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    A gentleman and someone who likes adventure.

  • BritinAZ ( 38 / W / Tempe, AZ )

    A nice dinner would be perfect, where we can converse and get to know each other a little better.

  • ndoda1973 ( 42 / M / South Africa )

    any educated and wise person thinking out of box is good for me

  • DaniB87 ( 28 / W / Altamonte Springs, FL )

    If I have known the person prior I'd want our first date to be fun intimate. First date in this setting where it would be a first meeting i'd like the date to be doing something fun where it isn't too so loud we have to...  read more>>

  • Gretaki ( 19 / W / Australia )

    Something real. Something with not a lot of make up . Something not fancy . Something that will be get us to know each other

  • Papalew ( 49 / M / Long Beach, CA )

    Good enough to have a second.........................

  • montana512 ( 22 / M / Austin, TX )

    looking for a cougar to be honest! nothing serious just some fun:)

  • TheDoctorIs_In ( 45 / M / San Francisco, CA )

    We fly to the French Riviera and spend the evening eating seared prawns at a seaside restaurant. After, we’ll go on a tour of the coast with our private guide, President Francois Hollande. That, or we can grab coffee...  read more>>

  • Dianni ( 36 / W / Honduras )

    It doesn't matters, I like surprises so I would like you to use your own imagination and surprise me.

  • Iamsleepless ( 47 / M / Spokane, WA )

    A first date should be spontaneous.. Very easy between two people. There needs to be a conection right off..

  • GWater ( 33 / W / Durham, NC )

    I prefer an intimate setting where we can talk and laugh while looking in each other's eyes. I'd love to feel that spark if it exists. I am fine with just dinner but I'd like it to be somewhere different so we can at lea...  read more>>