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Fancy Dining

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  • GingerDream ( 47W / Rancho Cucamonga, CA )


    I love a dinner house with a fireplace or a view of the ocean as we are dining. Soft music, comfortable surroundings, nice people and delicious cuisine.

  • kitty_Meow ( 25W / Fresno, CA )


    Charming,handsome,and kind fellow treats me like a princess

  • CouteB ( 24W / Fullerton, CA )


    A beautiful hang out; can be a lovely classy dinner, or hang out in a beautiful view.

  • nicole0711 ( 31W / Irving, TX )


    Anything that involves having a good time. I love shopping, going out to dinner, candle light and anything romantic. Also relaxing in a bubble bath after a long day.

  • Vikayulia ( 27W / London, England - London )


    I'd love we run together and understand how we match with each other.

  • Maroussia ( 24W / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )


    For the first date I would love to eat something exotic or lobster.

  • tanrica ( 35W / Miami, FL )


    Dinner or lunch in an upscaled and quite restaurant

  • keyla12000 ( 24W / Wildwood, NJ )


    Well it all depends where we're going on a date && to be honest in my first date.. I would like to go in a facy restaurant.. I always wanted to do that in my first date.. Get to know eachother.. Drink wine.. Eat.. Conver  more>>

  • katrix ( 23W / San Jose, CA )


    Surprise the hell out of me. Something I won't forget, because neither will you.

  • jaredbaker85 ( 29M / Westville, FL )


    I like casual dinners.high end restraunts.get to know the person better and see if we have things in common.

  • vipcandy ( 23W / London, England - London )


    Take me to a fancy restaurant surprise me with flowers and jewelry.

  • jh1021 ( 22W / Woodland Hills, CA )


    A nice dinner to get to know each other & see if we vibe.

  • Ladyleonardo ( 53W / Long Branch, NJ )


    Fine dining where you can talk and be comfortable also.

  • Elitton ( 24W / Tucson, AZ )


    A nice dinner with some wine, to see if we are interested in getting to know one another.

  • Pick__me ( 33W / Denver, CO )


    I like to keep it light & fun. Dinner, wine & lots of laughter!