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Culinary Adventures My favorite date ideas

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  • LovelifeAloha ( 90W / Honolulu, HI )


    Anything involving the ocean, food and Prosecco would be considered a good time.

  • emilyp2000 ( 36W / Dallas, TX )


    I think a good first date is somewhere that lends itself to good conversation, and of course great food!

  • kristakelli ( 21W / Boulder, CO )


    Shall we dine at an underground restaurant ran by a famous chef?

  • FarmAndCityGirl ( 50W / Franklin, TN )


    Let's make this easy. If we would like a second glass of wine together, then let's eat something amazing. And talk about it the rest of the night.

  • 1FlDreamGal ( 58W / Orlando, FL )


    My ifirst date preference would be dinner and sharing a bottle of wine. I love music and overlooking water would be a plus! Casual yet chic...

  • Funtimes221 ( 55W / Naples, FL )


    lets take a class together and then feed each other by candelight

  • GrzzlyBurr ( 23M / Chula Vista, CA )


    I like to go with the flow. Nature is random and chaotic in a beautiful day why not let things just happen. We can also plan anything physical, mental, or spiritual to do. I'm honestly the most down individual you probab  more>>

  • Felice86 ( 31W / Chicago, IL )


    I'm a pretty darn good home chef, so I'd love to have a date where we could join a cooking class. You'll get to see me in action and have your mind wander onto all the wonderful bits I could whip up for you!

  • pandres90 ( 24M / Austin, TX )


    I always enjoy finding dive-in joints that no one knows about except a small cult following of individuals who swear by the food at the place in question

  • TexasOrthoDoc ( 57M / Katy, TX )


    My ideal first date?? Hmmm lets see. You ready?? Ok so close your eyes.... We meet at a very nice restaurant- when I see you walking in that little voice in my head says "WOW shes even more beautiful than her pictures" S  more>>

  • redestcleo ( 40W / Minneapolis, MN )


    Enjoy some amazing food paired with equally amazing wine while having mentally stimulation conversation interrupted with laughter and perhaps a dance or two.

  • MOxoxo ( 27W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    Sushi & saki. Or... Wings & brew. I'm not picky.

  • Alycefaye ( 28W / Cairns, Queensland )


    I like a man to take control of the first date. I always enjoy the outdoors so a picnic and bottle of wine is always a good fall back.

  • germangirl2006 ( 43W / Scottsdale, AZ )


    at any public place wehre it is nice and we have time to break the ice, we will soon figure out if we will have a dinner later or not... just keeping everything open and have no pressure...

  • flavoids ( 51M / Chelmsford, MA )


    who's up for a picnic, I'll even bring the food.