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  • SteppinDiva ( 48W / Hollywood, FL )


    I believe a nice 1st date would be a beverage at the beach, no stress, no pressure just getting to know each other as we enjoy the beauty of the ocean!

  • ANGEL301 ( 47W / Houston, TX )


    I would prefer my first date to meet for coffee, brunch or lunch

  • Selamita ( 31W / Duluth, GA )


    A nice quiet place where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Bob469 ( 55M / Olanta, SC )


    A drink and a game of pool. A meal at a bistro or I will fix a meal (this could be interesting)!!

  • Dorothea2014 ( 57W / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    a walk in the woods, by the lake, along the river or on the beach followed by a dinner; could be a fine restaurant, a picnic or a Hamburger place.

  • Islander3 ( 39M / Boca Raton, FL )


    Up for anything, laid back casual coffee/drinks on the beach, walk, maybe a sports game.

  • waterlover222 ( 53W / South Lake Tahoe, CA )


    A morning cup of coffee or an early evening glass of wine water front.

  • 5280girl ( 36W / Denver, CO )


    A coffee, dinner or drinks is a perfect first date.

  • Kim1022 ( 50W / Greencastle, PA )


    Nice quiet place to get to know each other

  • Sari98452000 ( 27W / Rensselaer, NY )


    Nice dinner, good wine, and better conversation.

  • theresa_ann ( 37W / Salina, KS )


    Going for dinner or grabbing some coffee, anywhere I could get to know you:)

  • TheresaG ( 35W / Salina, KS )


    Having a dinner or grabbing some coffee, anywhere I could get to know you:)

  • woods900 ( 57M / Seattle, WA )


    I will like to take my date to a cool restaurant so we can have some dinner and also have a wine conversation as well

  • Script2Screen ( 59M / Corona, CA )


    A simple meeting at first at a small quiet Cafe or cozy Restaurant for coffee or lunch where we can focus on getting to know each other better and see if the sparks start flying. If the sparks and attraction are for real  more>>

  • nicolettepro ( 19W / Westlake Village, CA )


    I like the man to lead- and I will leave the first date ideas up to you. Make me smile