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  • NatashaBlu ( 30W / Hattiesburg, MS )


    A great first date would be a cooking class. Then having to eat one anothers food and getting to know one another. Let's break the ice!

  • SunyAdamez ( 24W / New York, NY )


    I'm not picky, love a surprise

  • Lewis973 ( 54M / Utrecht, Utrecht )


    2x coffee, a nice city or nature walk, 2x pinot noir, and then the Theater and after some late supper ! A real night out, somewhere in Europe or........

  • Eddy_rolla ( 54M / Australia )


    Pick her up to a nice lovely public place to have brunch or lunch. After that take her from a walk then back home.

  • Pennicandeepenni ( 27W / West Hollywood, CA )


    Coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks...casual & fun

  • cajunrobin2114 ( 54W / Box Elder, SD )


    Walk. Spend time to see if we like each other. Eat sushi if y like. Drink wine etc. Enjoy life.

  • Maggi00 ( 31W / Elmont, NY )


    Coffee/ Tea in a nice place i.e. Russian Tea room.

  • Ta2dPrincess ( 27W / San Antonio, TX )


    I would love a date at a dine-in movie. It is a good opportunity for drinks & light conversation in a comfortable environment. Also a great chance to see if your movie likes are compatible :D

  • bri5223 ( 27W / Dallas, TX )


    getting to know each other over brunch on a patio or going to a museum or art gallery

  • maria301 ( 69W / Ponte Vedra Beach, FL )


    Lunch with coffee and sandwich!

  • SexyRed81 ( 32W / Fishers, IN )


    How about a nice brunch and while we discuss what to do next

  • stormwatcher32 ( 31M / Louisville, KY )


    My perfect date would vary depending on who I was going with and what not. But, I imagine myself and that special person enjoying brunch on a Sunday morning, then getting coffee and walking around talking.

  • foxylady214 ( 74W / McHenry, IL )


    I would like to think we could just go to a nice quaint & quiet place, have a glass of wine or coffee, lunch or dinner and get acquainted. . . . . . . .

  • fxynstlttos ( 33W / Gulfport, MS )


    A meet and greet!! Would love just to spend some time ...keep it simple... at the beach, or having coffee... If there is spark we will know it in a short amount of time....THATs simple huh!K

  • Renee34 ( 35W / Lanham, MD )


    We can meet in Washington DC, sight-see, go to Brunch and take a walk on the Mall for great conversation.