Fun Date Ideas

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  • Aaraujo2591 ( 26 / W / Miami, FL )

    Well one a first date I really try to get to know that person see how well we click and how the chemistry is between us .... So for me it'll be a walk on the beach just talking as stairing into the ocean

  • ShekaBaby ( 24 / W / Hammond, LA )

    I love the outsoors. I love traveling. I love cuddling & watching movies.

  • shinecj ( 31 / W / Imperial, MO )

    I like to talk get to nw one another. But I am up for anything really. Go carts, zoo, dancing .

  • imnavarro ( 27 / W / Panama )

    Wherever is a good place.... Chemistry is chemistry! To be sincere I love the sea.... Beach :)

  • anairistaveras ( 31 / W / Dominican Republic )

    Mi idea de la primera cita es alguien que me fleche desde que lo vea, con su carisma, humildad e intelecto. Sobretodo con los detalles

  • Leeancah ( 27 / W / Papua New Guinea )

    A date to go to the movies or dinner.

  • LovelyOneUNeed22 ( 29 / W / San Diego, CA ), I'd have to say surprise me. I love surprises. I love the beach too though.

  • rimaire ( 40 / W / West Hollywood, CA )

    I love dinners and brunches, too. But since I am well-rounded, how about connecting these two categories with a sightseeing tour around town or a nearby city or small town? It's always great to be a tourist in one's own...  read more >>

  • ArmenianGoddess ( 41 / W / Glendale, CA )

    Walk on the beach and maybe a coffee or dinner.

  • Suzanne81 ( 37 / W / Cordell, OK )

    Anything that I can include my children in (seeing as how I don't know anyone to babysit) part of the reason I'm single.

  • sweetcarmencitta ( 37 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Not sure where you're located, but Coronado beach in California is one of the greates places I've ever been... Maybe we could walk around the city and sit around by the beach for drinks and conversation, then carry on ou...  read more >>

  • MissAlisa ( 42 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Dinner nice conversation. Gettin to know each other.or maybe taking a walk on the beach or by water talking

  • chuckaluck ( 33 / M / Detroit, MI )

    My first date idea would be me arriving in ur home town or place of living getting pick up by you for nice long ride conversating and then dinning out at a nice comfortable place where there's good food and music

  • Rhonie ( 38 / W / Leduc, AB )

    Take a basket of fresh cut pineapple, watermelon, black berries, grapes, brie cheese and stone ridge crackers. A portable thermos with home made sangria. Back pack stuffed with all the essential's. Aromatherapy oils to r...  read more >>

  • KeyaAshley ( 24 / W / Suitland, MD )

    My first date ideas include walks downtown, visiting museums maybe eating from a good truck. I just want to be able to let my hair down a little without spending too much.