First Date Ideas

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  • Stretch1107 ( 50 / M / Norwalk, IA )

    Most fun I had on a first date was meeting in a city where neither were from and trying to figure out what to do and where we happened to end up. We had to talk to a lot of people and finding out how we interacted with n  more>>

  • mari_belle_91 ( 24 / W / El Paso, TX )


  • Chocolatka ( 41 / W / Granger, IN )

    Difficult for me to describe but I will try . I think my heart should do 150 bits and I would feel dizzy. The man I have on my first date should be my hero. The place should be exciting and breath taking doesn't matter w  more>>

  • Paddylaza ( 32 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Walk round the local trails or somewhere green. Picnic on hikes in or around the city. Competitive fun dates like Dave and busters, mini golf, lazer quest, pool. Dinner and drinks or lunch in the country.

  • Sweetpamm ( 28 / W / Belgium )

    I love being healthy so id prefer we go watch/play a game about that...

  • hemylaura ( 34 / W / Federal, Buenos Aires )

    Simplemente amo vivir! disfrutar a cada instante como si fuese el ultimo! adoro mi familia, mis amigos, conocer nuevos lugares y a nuevas personas !

  • calliegirl2002 ( 63 / W / Carmel, CA )

    A game of putt putt golf for fun and laughs. Then have hot dog and fries and ice cream for dessert

  • Bombshell_Barbie ( 28 / W / Canoga Park, CA )

    Let's go horseback riding! It's my favorite activity on the planet. If you don't know how, don't worry - I'm a patient and experienced instructor. :-) plus, I would love to see you out of your comfort zone! If you are an  more>>

  • CelticGirl2001 ( 32 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    My dream date would be going to go eat, then kicking your butt in Halo, then ending the evening with a nice walk on the beach.

  • MeganMonaghan ( 21 / W / Worthing, England - Sussex )

    On a first date I would hate to go to the cinema, I think an ideal situation would be something Adventouros to get over any possible awkwardness, something fun

  • Rene352 ( 37 / W / Newport News, VA )

    A Pool Hall or Dance Club would be very nice. Bowling is fun and competitive. Going to a beach is great.

  • Mr_success ( 29 / M / Trenton, NJ )

    There are lots of dating ideas I have I have to name not that will not be fun so let me surprise you.

  • Irisheyes0830 ( 50 / W / Corona, CA )

    How about a hockey game? If not, anything that requires some movement, yelling, having fun! Sitting across from each other over coffee is boring...sorry.

  • bears2013 ( 49 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    how about candlelight dinner a we can take a walk so we could get to know each other.

  • bogie4444 ( 54 / M / Charleston, SC )

    Ideally somewhere near a beach and somewhere we can walk and talk and get to know each other. Then a great dinner with good wine, stimulating conversation, and lots of laughter.