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  • Princess_86 ( 29W / Desoto, TX )


    Shopping..movies..dinner..parks..feeding the ducks..etc

  • Redrobin4you ( 37W / Port Saint Lucie, FL )


    We could explore the gallery and exchange ideas and interpretations of various works of art.

  • NotHappilyAlone ( 21W / Quincy, MA )


    Any where i guess. I dont like material things.. And i don't feel very comfortable with fancy things

  • jleehart ( 27M / Superior, WI )


    A walk down the beach under a starlit sky with good weather and a good conversion to get to know each other

  • BlackBeautyFFM ( 30W / Germany )


    - Picknick in the dark - walk into the sunset - watchinga movie with my perfect match

  • TiVoglioBene ( 22W / Belmar, NJ )


    We could go to a museum then have dinner in a quiet and romantic place

  • Surrealism2000 ( 30W / Costa Mesa, CA )


    Let's go get inspired by some amazing artwork, then head to the beach.

  • Blkbry ( 53W / Cypress, TX )


    I do enjoy walking talking exploring something new and different. Or maybe he can introduce me to something he enjoy.

  • here86 ( 28W / Valdosta, GA )


    I would love to play a round of tennis, visit an art gallery, theater, I also enjoy nice dinners at cafe`s.

  • LuvMari ( 33W / Whittier, CA )


    I love art and especially the special exhibits at this museum. They have a wonderful evening setting for date night.

  • Chriss2019 ( 54W / Port of Spain )


    How about where will we meet...Your Country or Mine..and we then we decide our First date ..

  • Monique8908 ( 25W / Orlando, FL )


    Put effort to it...make sure your self and you look nice and your listening to her (me) just make it fun and Interesting and do something different

  • BkBelle ( 46W / New York, NY )


    Check out the latest interesting exhibit or activity at the, walk the Avenue, then dinner/drinks.

  • Smil34M3 ( 22W / West Palm Beach, FL )


    Well...it would be night, and we'd be at a beautiful restaurant. Eating outside with a beautiful view of the ocean on a full moon. And we'd just be laughing away having a good time in each others company. Simple, but tha  more>>

  • Fren2005 ( 25W / Richardson, TX )


    Would you like to have a picnic lunch with me and later to a museum?