First Date Ideas

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  • FiestySweetyPie ( 33 / W / Columbus, GA )

    Dinner followed by a walk by the river to catch fireflies

  • phare04 ( 32 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Be Creative... Let's have fun! P.S...I love amusement parks...

  • asapbillionaire ( 23 / M / Flat Rock, MI )

    Going to my flight school and relaxing at the airport club house, a drive threw the heart of city and then go to the art museum.

  • SMman44 ( 47 / M / Santa Monica, CA )

    Museums are great first meet-ups. If it's not a love match, at least we got our weekly culture quota in. And if we do match, it's a great place to have a relaxed conversation about the arts and other interests, and get a...  read more >>

  • Jaci15 ( 63 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    First Date I am an adventurous, fun-loving, happy individual who enjoys spontaneity. I welcome unique situations that leave a lasting positive memory. A first date that proves someone put a lot of thought to it will alwa...  read more >>

  • PhD_in_training ( 28 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    Checking out a new gallery or walking through the Sculpture Gardens, then grabbing coffee at nearby cafe.

  • PaJamerican ( 51 / W / Houston, TX )

    Blindfolded painting No artistic talent required only a strong inner sense of being.

  • KrisiC ( 39 / W / Belmont, MA )

    Lunch at Tryst followed by a trip to MOFA

  • zacefron89 ( 38 / W / Germany )

    cafe bed something to drink and have good sex ans get bought things

  • Taldrnkofwater51 ( 54 / M / Columbia, SC )

    My ideal day would be to stroll the great works of art in New York City and then lunch /dinner in Little Ittaly or China Town .

  • Pak8383 ( 32 / M / Aiken, SC )

    Museums are always nice, to learn new things and to just get away from the norm.

  • illusionsfade ( 31 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    I love the arts and someone who is well versed. I could walk, laugh and talk for hours at a museum.

  • sirus283 ( 22 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    my ideal first date would be one involving dinner at a fine restaurant and a walk through of the next up and coming artists' gallery.

  • wan2luv ( 20 / M / London, England - London )

    I would like us to take a photo short on that day ,fly most of the planes and the rockect lunchers .Also visit the cinema in the museum and after we check the cantee for refreshment how about that.

  • LGreyVa ( 43 / W / Springfield, VA )

    Enjoying the sculpture at the A&E then off to a great pub for a pint, change at the hotel for dinner and a night on the town dancing.