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  • missjennijai ( 18W / Bronx, NY )


    Something casual and fun for the both of us

  • Cuteactor ( 27M / Nashville, TN )


    I'm open minded so could be anything!

  • PurpleG ( 35W / South Africa )


    I want to have the time of my life. enjoy and never forget

  • NerdyElleNM ( 29W / Albuquerque, NM )


    Never take me for coffee or bring me flowers. I'm definitely not you're girl if you're into that. Excite me.

  • bookaljr ( 40M / Jamaica )


    Someplace we could talk like the beach. Jus walking and talking, getting to know each other. Then let everything flow where ever

  • forrealcarla ( 47W / South Saint Paul, MN )


    I believe in making joyous,fun, adventuresome moments regardless not know if they'll be attraction? Because who knows there might - hate to say our first last date was an interview.

  • Vince79 ( 35M / Italy )


    Spiritosa Amorevole Dolce Brava in cucina

  • setapart ( 37W / Atlanta, GA )


    I am open..you can put this together..let me see what you come up with..

  • Misskl1319 ( 25W / El Cajon, CA )


    A nice evening at home or a fun night out getting to know each other.

  • tats1123 ( 24W / Toronto, ON )


    I think the first date sets the tone.

  • Ccakes87 ( 27W / Marietta, GA )


    Something fun, spontaneous and memorable.

  • KisSus ( 35W / Finland )


    My first date could include fine dining, traveling, visit to an art gallery, dancing or any other cultural or social event. The date could as well include wall climbing, down hill skiing, cayaking, in line skating, hot a  more>>

  • Diesel295 ( 19M / Alma, MI )


    Maybe going mudding or fishing or maybe cuddling on a beach

  • Sweetandsassy74 ( 40W / Preston, MN )


    I don't have a perfect date. I like to do so many things that I am up for anything. I love walking, biking, movies, music, volunteering somewhere, etc

  • Katie23M ( 23W / Newcastle, N.Ireland - County Down )


    So we could go out for lunch And then we could do something fun like bowling or crazy golf And then we could go for a few drinks and see what happens