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  • Mudgirl ( 35W / Spanish Fork, UT )


    Can you be spontaneous and not so repetitive?

  • Smfw89 ( 25W / Vernon Hills, IL )


    At first I just want to hang out and get to know you, nothing fancy and extravagant. I'm very easy going and just spending time with someone is enough for me.

  • Gyulia ( 50W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    walking hand in hand on a beach and have fun .

  • jen325 ( 19W / Miami, FL )


    Surprise me. I don't like eating at restaurants I prefer cooking my own food. I like hiking, biking and generally the great outdoors.

  • deklerkselma ( 52W / Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal )


    A nice first date for me has to be one with a little added uniqueness, A picnic under the stars with champagne and your favorite desert, a little fun afterwards, perhaps dancing at a Latin cafe or a tour through a near b  more>>

  • IamPing ( 52W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Tell me about how awesome you are Tell me that you find this life exciting Tell me that you like fast cars Tell me that you only want to have fun

  • headofthepack ( 40M / Miami Beach, FL )


    Involves the complete takeover of North America using only my British accent and your karate skills. Of course, we should probably meet for coffee first and see if we'd work as a team...

  • SSB2014 ( 38W / Flemington, NJ )


    I am not a materialistic girl at all, the stupidest simple things impress me. For example if you are in a hurry but see someone that needs help opening a door etc. you get out of your car to help. Now that melts my heart  more>>

  • MsSticks ( 42W / Romance, AR )


    Shall we cozy up on the couch to a good movie, share a fine, quiet dinner in or take out pizza? Shall we race across the lake in a speed boat, go horseback riding, hiking, explore museums, or spend the day on the course  more>>

  • gary1969 ( 45M / Absarokee, MT )


    Just hanging out. I like to just go with the flow. Like I said I can take charge and plan a date but would like to do what ever makes you feel comfortable. Meeting somebody can be stressful enough.

  • poorboy61 ( 53M / Petersburg, VA )


    hmm ! first date i am nor picky or fussy . if you would like to have dinner thats fine or just walk thru a mall talking or meet at church i do not bite . if you find i am not your type i will kiss your hand and bid you f  more>>

  • kgf518 ( 46W / Delray Beach, FL )


    A little bit adventurous or dinner or even drinks.

  • Dovile2014 ( 20W / Siauliai, Siauliai )


    candles in the beach. On the roof of high building where are no lights and only stars are seen. *

  • hunee1 ( 29W / Washington, DC )


    One of those dates that can go all nite &we are still wrapped up in each other.Like we are the only two people on earth.....just flows

  • lonelyluv23 ( 23W / Moberly, MO )


    I am an open book i like the man to have a date in mind instead of just saying "what ever you want"