First Date Ideas

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  • RashadFox ( 21 / M / Nassau )

    I'm not a lucky first date person. I believe dinner, or something adventurous would serve as a better ice breaker. However, I am easy going and open to date ideas as well. I'm more into getting to know you, learning what...  read more>>

  • Aswad1 ( 53 / M / Chesapeake, VA )

    Pleasant conversation over a nice meal.

  • cspencer ( 50 / W / Independence, VA )

    Quite dinner to get to know you better and go from there.

  • CamCam88 ( 28 / W / Laguna Beach, CA )

    Romance, atmosphere, mood, if you don't know how to impress a girl by now .. Lol If you're a girl.. Trust me ;-) I'll make it memorable and raise that bar to un reachable levels.

  • SunshineLadyK ( 54 / W / Medford, NY )

    Dinner and a Broadway show.

  • Lacitygirl ( 54 / W / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    A perfect first date would be in a terrific restaurant maybe with a piano bet and a glass of wine. A walk in the city. Sight Seeing

  • anralways ( 37 / W / Gardendale, AL )

    A meal and a shared dessert with a long walk is a perfect date.

  • IDontGiveAdam22 ( 22 / M / Scottsdale, AZ )

    Just you know go out.. have some good food.. just talk not so much about what eacother does for a living, but just having a good time.. live in the now..and just stop thinking about our problems and just shut off the wor...  read more>>

  • dazzlingbae ( 31 / W / New York, NY )

    Good restaurant to have good food and great conversation

  • spiritgirl311 ( 43 / W / Bemus Point, NY )

    I feel that it's important to get to know each other through dinner and drinks. That way there is the opportunity to talk.

  • Shy_Kandii30 ( 31 / W / Kennett, MO )

    At a nice place where we can both talk and laugh while getting to know each other.

  • classylynn ( 45 / W / Irvine, CA )

    A romantic dinner where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • salithia ( 22 / W / Vancouver, WA )

    honestly , Id like to meet up for food be it dinner or lunch and just talk and get to know each other and see where that goes

  • Shanelle21 ( 22 / W / Dallas, TX )

    I like a very Romantic Men that know how to treat a woman

  • ScorpioD2000 ( 47 / W / Del Mar, CA )

    Dinner at a nice restaurant. Want to enjoy great wine, food and a great conversation