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  • michelemiller ( 39W / Houston, TX )


    Dinner with entertainment! I feel like a first date is an interview most of the time. Lets have some fun!

  • ladychef28 ( 52W / Southampton, NY )


    Laughing out loud, feeding each other, water front, loungy, tiki, plain fun! !!

  • ValseDeFleur ( 22W / Paris, Ile-de-France )


    I love surprises so... surprise me!

  • MichelleT3 ( 49W / Round Rock, TX )


    Sharing a meal and taking a walk or listening to music together. There is something intimate about sharing a meal and something real or raw about music and movement.

  • anamcara303 ( 45W / Denver, CO )


    For a 1st date....something relaxing i.e. a glass of wine if in the evening!

  • anwhiterabbit ( 60W / Lompoc, CA )


    For a first date I would like to go to an event, in doors or out that we would both be interested in. This is a great way to break the ice and have a starting point for lively conversation. Concert in the park, Renaissan  more>>

  • NaturalGinger ( 53W / Roswell, GA )


    It's not the place or activity of date-it's the company! As long as there's laughter & chemistry-any date can be fun!

  • zillionbaby ( 36M / India )


    Cool charming young babes bubbling with energy

  • MrWantsJust1 ( 49M / Las Vegas, NV )


    A place where you can talk get a sense of the other person. I think a nice meal with the right balance of atmosphere good food and the right woman is a winner

  • Cinderella5 ( 58W / San Antonio, TX )


    Long walk and talking and a nice dinner. Talkative mood to get know each other.

  • Vongret ( 44W / Jackson, NJ )


    I'd like to have great food in great company!

  • corona2004 ( 60W / Hingham, MA )


    dinner and drinks after in a nice piano bar....quite surroundings....somewhere we can talk and be comfortable. Loud music is fun, but not on a first date

  • dogbox765 ( 50M / Shawnee, KS )


    An intimately lit encounter exploring culture through cuisine.

  • Davesnight ( 47M / Toronto, ON )


    Firstly.. We will meet and see if we connect which we will. Second..let's just plain old hang out. If your from out of town jump on a plane and stay a few days..your definitely going to enjoy your stay. The biggest probl  more>>

  • luv2dance2002 ( 54W / Newland, NC )


    A nice restaurant with great conversation followed by a stroll along the beach or town.