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  • Giovannamarie ( 23W / Philadelphia, PA )


    Anything as long as I'm in good company with someone

  • guccigal312 ( 35W / Danbury, CT )


    I am dying to go see the Jeff Konntz exhibit in NYC then maybe get a Sunday or a yogurt someplace....

  • OCTransgender ( 23W / Irvine, CA )


    I think a good first date is a low-key date at Starbucks, a small coffee shop, or something similar. The intimate, yet relaxed setting would be great to help break the ice.

  • bruce1234567 ( 30M / Seattle, WA )


    Am looking for someone who is sence of humor . Long lasting relationship that will lead marriage

  • rachel611 ( 31W / Hong Kong )


    How about a coffee or tea at night?

  • SteppinDiva ( 48W / Hollywood, FL )


    I believe a nice 1st date would be a beverage at the beach, no stress, no pressure just getting to know each other as we enjoy the beauty of the ocean!

  • ANGEL301 ( 47W / Houston, TX )


    I would prefer my first date to meet for coffee, brunch or lunch

  • Selamita ( 31W / Duluth, GA )


    A nice quiet place where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Bob469 ( 55M / Olanta, SC )


    A drink and a game of pool. A meal at a bistro or I will fix a meal (this could be interesting)!!

  • Dorothea2014 ( 57W / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    a walk in the woods, by the lake, along the river or on the beach followed by a dinner; could be a fine restaurant, a picnic or a Hamburger place.

  • Islander3 ( 39M / Boca Raton, FL )


    Up for anything, laid back casual coffee/drinks on the beach, walk, maybe a sports game.

  • waterlover222 ( 53W / South Lake Tahoe, CA )


    A morning cup of coffee or an early evening glass of wine water front.

  • 5280girl ( 36W / Denver, CO )


    A coffee, dinner or drinks is a perfect first date.

  • Kim1022 ( 50W / Greencastle, PA )


    Nice quiet place to get to know each other

  • Sari98452000 ( 27W / Rensselaer, NY )


    Nice dinner, good wine, and better conversation.