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  • Kara1121 ( 24W / Shreveport, LA )


    A quiet dinner to get to know one another

  • snowbride ( 29W / Seattle, WA )


    For my first day, I would love to go to a nice cafe and have a casual conversation. We look at each other, relax, and get to know each other. I think it's a good start ;)

  • Her101 ( 36W / Atlanta, GA )


    Maybe a nice low lighted spot, good conversation, jazz music going.

  • S_____S ( 28W / State College, PA )


    Grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful sunshine in a park. Prefer a laid-back, simple date.

  • banachm90 ( 25W / Clare, MI )


    Dinner and a drink! Just getting to know each other.

  • Lytresse ( 52W / Gilbert, AZ )


    I would like to have a special dinner to get to know someone or to get together and see where it takes us.

  • babywolf76 ( 29W / East Stroudsburg, PA )


    I want a candlelight dinner you

  • Belle33 ( 32W / Grosse Pointe, MI )


    meet & greet at restaurant or cafe for some friendly chat.

  • Naynay2 ( 23W / Jacksonville, FL )


    Walk through a park, or the beach to get to know a little as bout each other, or dinner and a movie

  • lastexit11 ( 56M / New York, NY )


    Bottle of wine ...good conversation ....electric

  • victorydance ( 45W / New York, NY )


    Since formalities are not my thing just having a coffee or hanging out in the park is great. Ideally something calm and quiet where e can chat and relax and see what happens.

  • Alpineskigurl ( 59W / Pointe-Claire, QC )


    I think it's important to have an easy way for both of us to either exit quickly and gracefully, or to take a little more time if things look promising. So my preferred first date would NOT be a dinner somewhere, but rat  more>>

  • Sahra35 ( 21W / Dallas, TX )


    Go hiking in the mountains, nice restaurant, we make homemade dinner and watch a movie, go dancing or to a bar

  • PNWKaye ( 53W / Portland, OR )


    Well, I imagine we would meet at a cafe or coffee shop somewhere in downtown Portland. Maybe the Stumptown on 3rd. If it's a sunny day and it looks like we're hitting it off, we could take our coffee down to the waterfro  more>>

  • healthylife4u ( 47W / Frisco, TX )


    Our first date would consist of a quiet place to get to know each other. Don't prefer the bar or club scene. A place to have a nice glass of wine sounds like a perfect date.