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Walking or Hiking

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  • Holista ( 55W / Calgary, AB )


    I really enjoy being in nature. I Love going for a drive to the mountains. Get ready for a hike and Barbecue. Being in nature seems to bring out the true you. It's the best way to break the ice. A nice glass of wine arou  more>>

  • Wozniak200 ( 38W / Feltham, England - London )


    14-17 August Can we walk .....

  • IluvMT ( 39W / Kalispell, MT )


    Just talking a short walk and talking with out distractions , being outside where we are both comfortable.

  • Jodiangel ( 45W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    A walk in the countryside A drive somewhere nice A boat trip

  • Tinyh18 ( 18W / Wilmington, DE )


    My first date idea is just a nice walk through the park on a sunny day nothing fancy just relaxing where we could talk and get to know each other more.

  • Present24_ ( 49W / San Francisco, CA )


    Meet for along hike on bernal heights in San Francisco then dinner and drinks ,

  • imyourdreamguy ( 30M / Austin, TX )


    A walk in the country to a quiet spot for a nice picnic where we can get to know each other. Sound good?

  • gtlts2014 ( 48W / Kirkland, WA )


    A nice stroll along the Kirkland waterfront at sunset followed by a great glass of wine and sparkling conversation.

  • Sunnysmiling ( 41W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Some quiet place to carry on a nice conversation.

  • mysterygirl22 ( 22W / New York, NY )


    A quiet dinner to get to know each other .

  • Brook1109 ( 46W / Calgary, AB )


    I like to go for a walk or hike because it's a great way to start to get to know someone.

  • DeRodeRidder ( 26M / Wellen, Limburg )


    You don't have to go far for some nature and peace and quiet, I think the first date is to see if there is a connection or not.

  • blueeyes0306 ( 33W / Forest Lake, MN )


    A nice dinner on the beach at sunset

  • Polaris2003 ( 29W / Hatfield, England - Hertfordshire )


    Walking through the countryside or along the coast talking looking at nature, then stopping for a picnic somewhere nice or go for a meal overlooking the place we have just been

  • Abi_music ( 19W / Lowestoft, England - Suffolk )


    For a first date, what about a nice walk and a small picnic