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Performing Arts

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  • Divarain ( 46W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    Candle light dinner by oceanfront, Virginia Beach or 3 or 4 Star restaurant and just get to know more about each other with my favorite wine, Zinfindel and go from there Afterwards, walk hand-in-hand while gazing at the  more>>

  • PlatinumRedux ( 59M / Phoenix, AZ )


    what else-- oysters and champagne and YOU could be just about anywhere in the world where there's a beach, a 5 star hotel, a broken down motel, a hiking path, a public space, a restaurant, a picnic table, a hammock.

  • TiffanyStar ( 26W / Miami, FL )


    Watching an Opera from the best VIP seats.

  • Lilies01 ( 31W / Brooklyn, NY )


    I am open minded. But I do enjoy dining, live shows, comedy shows, plays etc.

  • mshengu ( 29W / bloemfontein, Free State )


    Going out to see a play at the theatre or going to a music concert......con error a picnic

  • StephanyAllison ( 28W / Chicago, IL )


    There is nothing more greater than sex, in a performance of Tying down your mate in a predicament Like having that and Mixing and Matriculating his own Feel on what it should be like. That is with every Performance. I st  more>>

  • lexxibaby ( 35W / Sacramento, CA )


    My ideal date would begin with us going to a performance with positivity through one of the performing arts crowds,followed by an intimate dinner with soft lighting and wine.Depending on the chemistry between us we can t  more>>

  • jlove26 ( 28W / Phoenix, AZ )


    I think seeing a show would be a good first date. I haven't seen one since I was in Las Vegas (months ago). I seen Zumanity :D very sexual but such a good show/performance!

  • eazybrezydoll ( 46W / Summit, NJ )


    Just get together and talk to get to know each other and to see if there is a chemistry there. Remember, there is no connection without communication so let's dialog.

  • lovelyleggs4u ( 37W / Vancouver, BC )


    so we can laugh together and then we can break any tension, then see from there if we are attracted to each other, and or enjoy each others company to carry on to a drink or another date. i am also interested in dinner o  more>>

  • Nancy_ ( 58W / Pittsburgh, PA )


    Go see a live show A play that we both agree on

  • Annai52 ( 21W / South Pittsburg, TN )


    A good first date is either a movie or a play and either a walk afterwards or dessert at a little cafe/ coffee shop. It is simple and you will be able to get to know one another afterwards in the romantic glow of the moo  more>>

  • OnyxElite ( 32W / Tampa, FL )


    Broadway show, museum of Art, dinner on the beach, or live jazz band concert.

  • adorableL2 ( 30W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Let's do something involving a food festival or cultural event.

  • Mythical_Lady ( 24W / Tallinn, Harjumaa )


    I would like to enjoy at the art center some performance art.