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  • Wheelsoffire77 ( 62 / M / Sun City, CA )

    Huntington Library and Museum tour in San Marino, CA

  • Justjews ( 29 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    I have always believed that a 1$t date should be dinner and a movie so all my relations start with it but end the same, so now i'm open to a world of possibilities.

  • frederic123 ( 35 / M / France )

    je suis ici pour une relation normale sans prise de tête. j'aime les femmes directes et toutje suis ici pour une relation normale sans prise de tête. j'aime les femmes directes et tout

  • SimplyBeauty90 ( 25 / W / New York, NY )

    Movies Museum Dinner Art shows Dance shows

  • Boss7676 ( 39 / M / Brandon, FL )

    Maybe to visit Art museum or Art exposition together.After thet good vine and food.After thet...You can just dream and relax

  • Angelbaby477 ( 47 / W / Saint Paul, MN )

    Dinner movie or live jazz or classical music concert.

  • Ryan621 ( 19 / M / Elizabeth City, NC )

    I think that a first date shlould be a learning experience an oppertunity to get to know one another a time to share knowledge and experiences in my opinion a nice museum or an old library would be an excellent place to  more>>

  • Spiral8888 ( 45 / M / Mississauga, ON )

    Walk in a park, museum, art gallery and talk to see if there is a spark.

  • LoveToLaugh21 ( 21 / W / Villa Rica, GA )

    My first date ideas is Going to the art museum and having brunch outside where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Ohhmalyyy ( 19 / M / Lancaster, PA )

    My idea for a first date doesn't necessarily have to be on a yacht or expensive car. All I ask for is for a sophisticated conversation between a humble middle class person and a privileged female.

  • Monaco2016 ( 43 / W / Larkspur, CA )

    Can you be in an Art Gallery with me for an hour? We could grab a nice lunch in the cafe and have a glass of wine. Maybe peruse the gift shop! Just meander and savor some amazing art while chatting.

  • AndyWorhol ( 58 / M / Australia )

    Let's just see where the mood takes us it shouldn't be to hard if the chemistry and vibe is right

  • ChicChocolate ( 26 / W / Miami, FL )

    We can grab coffee and maybe hit an art gallery, something visually stimulating that can strike interesting conversation

  • TishBee ( 41 / W / Washington, DC )

    Movies, Skating, Park, Museum or a nice Pub.

  • gracii ( 61 / W / Westlake Village, CA )

    Coffee and chat... A walk on the beach... A venue that allows for us to gather info and learn about each other. An easy going....get to know you.