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  • Lovethebeach05 ( 31W / King of Prussia, PA )


    I am simple, I want someone to talk and enjoy their time with me. The location is not as important as a connection. I could do anything from a simple walk to dinner or drinks. ;)

  • super2sexxy4u ( 23W / Decatur, GA )


    We grown let's have fun. AM all ways open to have a good time what ever that me be let's be free

  • Awesome_Amber ( 31W / Stone Mountain, GA )


    I really don't have a favorite date location. It just depends on the person but I would enjoy a simple first date such as coffee and walking in the park so we can talk with no interruption. I usually let the guy pick the  more>>

  • OrientalOrchid ( 45W / Poway, CA )


    I can only correspond for now to find out if we like each other. I've some sickness to take care of and won't feel comfortable to talk or meet at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

  • SugarPie1985 ( 29W / Napa, CA )


    On a first date I am will to do anything. It could range from just having coffee to hiking.

  • KC1111111 ( 38W / Massapequa Park, NY )


    "Hey, I just met you...and this is crazy...but here's my number..so call me maybe!" Since, "I'm a Barbie girl...in a Barbie world...wrapped in plastic...it's fantastic!" Because, "It doesn't matter if you love him or cap  more>>

  • missssaceme ( 22W / Miami, FL )


    I love not knowing and love to be surprised. Mystery and surprises are sexy to me.

  • BlueMoon13 ( 37W / Napa, CA )


    Depends where we are located and what we both enjoy on the first encounter, I'm open to suggestions while connected with the person.

  • nwgal1234 ( 41W / Madison, WI )


    I don't really care where my first date is or what we do. My main goal on a first date is to get to know the guy and determine whether or not we want a second. So obviously I would like to go somewhere that we can have s  more>>

  • 13arbie ( 26W / Austin, TX )


    Something relaxing not too crazy

  • Couggar41 ( 43W / High Ridge, MO )


    I will leave this one up to you surprise me

  • lilith_nyx ( 35W / Tokyo, Tokyo )


    Well, if you're looking for a vacuous, plastic, Barbie doll bimbo... keep looking, that's not me. Don't worry, I still clean up nicely... If you like intelligent conversation, witty humor, and crazy random fun - here I a  more>>

  • Freedomismine1 ( 44W / Port Orange, FL )


    Where ever we meet, let's be relaxed. First dates should be friendly and not pressured. I am a complete science geek. Enjoy social events.

  • airysal ( 23W / Indianapolis, IN )


    I don't have a set preference on a perfect date just as long as we are having a fun time.

  • jhs1951 ( 63M / Fresno, CA )


    A glass of wine in the early evening. If there is an interest and good vibes, see where it heads. If not, we each have a new friend.