First Date Ideas

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  • Rosemarie_Brown ( 48 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Prefer to go somewhere with a cosy, classy ambiance, great food and wine. Guaranteed to put me in a good mood and we can relax and get to talk and suss out what the other is about

  • Marilynnaire ( 28 / W / London, England - London )

    Skip the dinner and movie's ( boring) and let's do something a little more original.

  • Hema_Pawan ( 33 / W / New York, NY )

    I like surprises...I leave it to the man to decide.

  • SweetPeaches826 ( 37 / W / San Antonio, TX )

    A nice conversation over a long dinner with a bottle of wine .

  • Gooier ( 50 / M / Huizen, Noord-Holland )

    I suppose we start with a nice meal, after that a walk along the beach and than we take it from there, one step at the time

  • pam2moore2000 ( 49 / W / Dallas, TX )

    My First Date will be at a Fancy Restaurant so I we can talk about what we expect as a Couple. We will need to get to know one another. I will like to ask him a lot of question such as what does he think about a Perfect  more>>

  • SharonJJ ( 36 / W / Laurel, MD )

    A great Broadway Play or the Opera!

  • LuxChic ( 26 / W / Anaheim, CA )

    Something simple. A glass of wine sitting somewhere beautiful and chatting; getting to know each other better.

  • Real_LadyD ( 25 / W / Budapest, Budapest )

    Small but upscale restaurant, where we can talk to know each other more.

  • musclehandsguy ( 34 / M / Miami, FL )

    You cannot force or manipulate love. These tactics never produce a healthy, strong, and lasting relationship. True love can only happen in a relaxed, unhurried, and completely honest environment.

  • thatlighskincc ( 23 / W / Brampton, ON )

    My first date I would probably wanna do a dinner and a movie or whatever we decide

  • sashawild ( 38 / W / Staten Island, NY )

    A restaurant of your choice, where we can share our taste in food as we discuss our taste in life. Soft music, dim lights, and enough space for us to open up to each other and share our opinions. No expectations, no pres  more>>

  • Margaritaaranda ( 28 / W / Racine, WI )

    I love goin on fancy dinner movie nd shopping 😍

  • Gia1118 ( 50 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Meet at a nice, quiet, classy, upscale spot for drinks, dinner and stimulating conversation

  • Yolondadavis_270 ( 35 / W / Richmond, VA )

    Bowling, or a Movie and a nice dinner