First Date Ideas

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  • redrock33 ( 41 / W / Brandon, MS )

    red wine is my fave... if you're a hard liquor guy, then a vodka and cranberry...

  • passiinflower ( 61 / W / Fort Wayne, IN )

    Quick meet for a drink.

  • Roddie ( 56 / M / Miami, FL )

    Drinks so that there may be no distraction. Entertainment can come later.

  • wittysnake ( 63 / M / Portland, OR )

    Meet for coffee or drinks someplace casual.

  • 6burgh ( 38 / M / West Palm Beach, FL )


  • Sierra6022 ( 34 / W / Denver, CO )

    Share a glass of wine or drink on a patio, watch the sun go down, and laugh!

  • 07LynnCar ( 36 / W / Noblesville, IN )

    Let s get drinks or walk around town. Nothing too serious and see where it goes.

  • cocoamarie99 ( 56 / W / Saint George, UT )

    Nice dinner, lunch or picnic and a walk along the beach or a fun outdoor bar/cafe for drinks ... BUT I am not picky. Any where that we can get to know each other :)

  • Alluringbeauty45 ( 45 / W / Cape Coral, FL )

    A nice restaurant with cozy bar to enjoy a drink together, to see if we click. If we do then that could lead into dinner. If we don't click then we have a drink and go our separate ways.

  • Connection50 ( 61 / W / Amherst, MA )

    After our "meet and greet", and we like what we see, let's make a plan to meet for a drink and maybe a light bite to eat. I think the beginning of a new relationship/friendship, should be easy and fun. This is...  read more >>

  • curtis99 ( 24 / M / Sutton, MA )

    my first date would be go get a drink non achol and get to know each other better and have fun.and see what are likes and dislikes are.mabey after that we could go bolling.

  • Sunfee ( 32 / W / Mittelbrunn, Rheinland-Pfalz )

    We are taking a walk and talk talk talk the first impression counts for me to say this is it or not.

  • curvycatch93 ( 35 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I'd prefer to skip the candlelit dinners and romantic beach walks for the first date. Grab coffee or a cocktail instead and see if there's that super smile on both our faces once we recognize each other. From there chat...  read more >>

  • Blonde212121 ( 52 / W / San Clemente, CA )

    Have a drink and get to know each other...if we hit it off, take it from there!

  • CGinCCFL ( 53 / W / Cape Coral, FL )

    I think it is best to have a casual environment so no one feels pressure,or uncomfortable in a place where we will not be distracted by other things going on around us and we can chat and get to know each other. Nothing...  read more >>