Fun Date Ideas

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  • Realsandra ( 28 / W / Edmonton, AB )

    We can go out for a drink,lunch or dinner

  • LauraInAG ( 30 / W / San Luis Obispo, CA )

    Simply meet for a cocktail.

  • LesPaulRocks ( 52 / M / Santa Monica, CA )

    I think the first date should be somewhere fairly quite. Where we can talk. Keep it casual. Have some wine and see if we have chemistry and a connection.

  • Marquetita ( 27 / W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    Talking in a low key café where we get to know each other

  • Amzneye16 ( 46 / W / Lake Elsinore, CA )

    FIrst dates or meets are always the most nerve racking so you want to make sure it is somewhere that we will both be able to hear each other and it has to be a public place for both our safety.

  • Leading_Man ( 40 / M / Irvine, CA )

    Skyloft for cocktails and live music overlooking one of the nicest beaches in California. Depending on the night, you might be listening to hip hop, house, reggae or 80’s.

  • Melanie1075 ( 42 / W / Gosport, England - Hampshire )

    My first date would be somewhere quiet so we could hear ourselves talk, maybe a coffee or something first.

  • Nayene ( 30 / W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    Quiet cozy place chatting over the glass of wine

  • midwinter64x ( 25 / W / Palos Park, IL )

    Can't go wrong with dinner and drinks. I love to be boring and just sit and talk! I don't like movies as first dates because we won't get much time to talk.

  • Chanellnumber5 ( 37 / W / Henderson, NV )

    Drinks at a swanky and upscale cocktail lounge or speakeasy and if there is a physical and intellectual connection/attraction.....continue the evening enjoying dinner together at a restaurant sitting beside one another i...  read more >>

  • PrincesinhaLuna ( 29 / W / milan, Lombardia )

    Maybe would be I great idea to come and visit me in Milan..

  • judetheobscure ( 54 / M / Jefferson City, MO )

    Simple. Meaningful discussion over coffee.

  • Waterdancer ( 62 / W / Medford, OR )

    I'm going with the "let's have a few drinks and see if we click" idea. Pretty much, I can make friends with a rock, and I'm not a judgmental person. I'd say it's a gut cinch that I'm going to like almost anyone...  read more >>

  • jennyones2 ( 60 / W / Uxbridge, England - London )

    A nice drink of wine in a quiet romantic place or at my house in Hilingdon Uxbridge or yours (whichever suits you)

  • camro97 ( 59 / W / Washington, MI )

    Have a few drinks , take a walk love the beach !!