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  • ajkylie ( 42W / Dover, DE )


    My first date would be a walk on the beach and watch the sun set. Another day dinner would be a nice

  • Beauty1983 ( 31W / Orlando, FL )


    Anything new, new places, dinner and conversation.. Surprise me!!!

  • Absentia5 ( 28W / Sierra Madre, CA )


    I always enjoy experiencing something new and exciting. Trying new foods that are rare or unheard of - I love that. Trying something daring is great. I enjoy seeing different cultural aspects of life, tombs or ruins, exh  more>>

  • LovingSexyLady ( 39W / Tampa, FL )


    If a gentleman is interested on me and wants to know me better, it would be more exciting that he plans the date, be creative, and impress me (Smile). Yes, like the old fashion way!

  • Earthsoul1000 ( 51W / West Hartford, CT )


    I would like the other party to take a lead/manage this;

  • lovecookingJP ( 44W / Astoria, NY )


    Walk around in Central park. I'm very quiet while walking because of my deafness. However, we can communicate in typing on cellphone or write on the small pad papers.

  • myjesticlove ( 65W / Pierson, FL )


    Lunch / Dinner and cocktails @ a nice place then go from there???

  • Veesugar ( 20W / Tucson, AZ )


    A first date should be adventure time! You can really get to experience someone's personality. If we went to eat, all id see is you chomping on your food....

  • Perkylady ( 50W / Potomac, MD )


    Would you like to dine at a quaint restaurant with a fabulous view?

  • Miss_with_dream ( 22W / Australia )


    Somewhere fun and spontaneous. It would not even matter, when your with someone you care about you could be sitting in a room looking at nothing but each other and still have fun :)

  • flyingheart84 ( 29W / Ürümqi, Xinjiang )


    A fundraising event to help Chinese disabled people would be a perfect first date for me, whether in reality or online.

  • sandygaye520 ( 55W / Kansas City, MO )


    Stand out..make an impression ..be creative.. Sushi and saki on the beach.. Depending on your location..Just Surprise me..

  • DanielMichaud91 ( 58M / Gas City, Indiana )


    A nice quiet dinner and conversation.

  • KaylaRed ( 35W / Washington, DC )


    Maybe dinner, a movie, a show, light drinking or what ever you might have in mind that's exciting

  • TuscanScent ( 38M / Irvine, CA )


    Please if you interested in an amazing Greek & Italian man for long life happiness together Also confident man educated in arts of gentilom little bit more about me will be recently retired of life at sea for about 12 ye  more>>