First Date Ideas

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  • ImaRealGaPeach ( 58 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Great food, fantastic wine, interesting conversation

  • Helmsman ( 61 / M / Wayzata, MN )

    A variety of light foods, a little wine or craft beer and light discussion, just to get to know each other. Nothing too hard, no politics or world affairs. Talk about things each person enjoys, maybe share a special dese...  read more>>

  • mom647 ( 69 / W / Sanford, FL )

    Cooking class. You will know if you can cooperate with each other. You can laugh and joke and take a measure of a person

  • WailukuSan ( 54 / M / Everett, WA )

    Nice quiet restaurant for a relaxed conversation getting to know each other.

  • Agape2016 ( 52 / W / Wellington, FL )

    Interesting indeed.., sweet conversation, cup of coffee. Glass of wine, fabulous conversation on the beach Dinner, cooked by both would exposure each other talents, personalities, abilities, add fabulous wine to recipe...  read more>>

  • Luceirene ( 55 / W / Paris, Ile-de-France )

    As recommend the site: I will try to approach the recommendation.. I am traveling a lot through the world and it's not easy to schedule... the private life. So, late me know.

  • OneTallGentleman ( 30 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Meet at a Tapas Bar , have a nice picnic in a park.

  • christinacakes ( 26 / W / San Rafael, CA )

    Snowboarding or skiing, sushi, wine tasting, basketball games

  • thabondgirl ( 28 / W / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )

    Well I am a foodie, so it would probably be a good dinner in an authentic place. It doesn't have to be posh at all.. After that a nice walk to get to know each other.

  • Jenrut ( 41 / W / Citronelle, AL )

    Spontaneity is key!! Or being surprised, never had a guy do that!!

  • ReynaldoJuntura ( 35 / M / London, England - London )

    casual atire,flowers maybe three roses,lively talk,gentle manner all the time

  • dealia ( 30 / W / Miami, FL )

    With very good taste. it doesn't need to be too fancy, just very good taste. And please, be kind! Be smart! Be yourself!

  • Jlp1170 ( 46 / M / Greenville, OH )

    Dinner at a quiet place, coffee or I could cook you a meal at your place

  • MarcieC86 ( 30 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    A great restaurant, good wine and good conversation. Let's see if we click. I travel a lot between the east coast and west so I'm always up for meeting up in a random city.

  • PositivelyOpen ( 53 / W / Los Osos, CA )

    A walk on the bluff, an improv class, exploring odd little places off the beaten track. A picnic where we can talk and laugh and perhaps get caught in the rain.