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Culinary Adventures

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  • islandpup2000 ( 48W / London, England - London )


    How about something explorative during the day, eg. a little-know part of London.. and something to take in at night, such as some performing arts or an arthouse/roadtrip movie - nothing too heavy. Tasty treats for the p  more>>

  • FlyBoyLA ( 37M / Santa Monica, CA )


    A quick trip out of town, a drive, a boat ride, or a plane ride, lets decide together

  • Tigresa ( 52W / San Pedro Sula, Cortes )


    How about a nice romantic dinner a at fine restaurant ?

  • YourMuse2014 ( 33W / San Mateo, CA )


    Be creative and show you put the effort in to put a smile on my face and we are already off to a good start. I would rather be active and do a cooking class, dance class. Something where we can see how well we work toget  more>>

  • Badobest ( 29W / Billings, MT )


    I love to cook for the right person or people and like to try most any foods. The only type of food that is out is seafood as it makes me sick

  • Learning_Still ( 53W / Hermitage, PA )


    Dinner in a great place, good bottle of wine, conversation that doesn't end.

  • Soulmate272000 ( 27W / Oulu, Oulu Laani )


    Eating in some nice restaurant and then just checking some nice place in town, for example a sight/prospect. Chatting with no hurry.

  • OksanaM ( 33W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )


    I love to try food in Micheline star all over the world.

  • Obscure2014 ( 47W / Bozeman, MT )


    The five lands of Italy are so beautiful in the summer time. Take the early evening train in from La Spezia and walk some of the fragrant trails into Monterosso. I love the Seafood Paella filled with delicate filets of s  more>>

  • Nti_Ramaboa ( 28W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Visit art gallery or food adventures

  • rhapsodyinmotion ( 66W / Redmond, OR )


    "Sporty- car " drive the convertible corvette through the curvy hills to a gourmet feast at the beach (our hair blowing in the wind) Hold my hand and jump the waves, go scuba diving and look at all the pretty fish. We ri  more>>

  • Warddebra ( 53W / Delray Beach, FL )


    Dinner - authentic food of other cultures.

  • RenoBlondeBeauty ( 57W / Reno, NV )


    I think a first date would be awesome any place where there is water, whether it be the ocean, river, running brook or stream, or lake. Add into that a nice bottle of champagne, some tantalizing food, and a full moon wou  more>>

  • tdhmd14 ( 55M / Eads, TN )


    Romantic dinner for two, wine, great meal and someone perfect

  • Gentiluomo ( 44M / Fort Myers, FL )


    As far as the first date idea or best venue...just you! With the right chemistry, you could make a simple place feel like the most extravagant/exotic place!