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  • Funleolover ( 35 / W / Lithia Springs, GA )

    I've always that the whole dinner aka interview is sooooo uncomfortable. I enjoy doing activities together where you and I can get to know each other without the sitting across the table from each other asking questions...  read more >>

  • MyUniqueName ( 38 / W / Mesa, AZ )

    I suppose it is partner dependent... but I think breakfast or brunch would be a good option, since my mind works sharpest in the morning and we can avoid the hot Arizona sun if it's the middle of summer here in Arizona...  read more >>

  • FloSho ( 53 / M / El Paso, TX )

    Let's find an off-the-beaten track, local winery at the end of a dusty road. We'll sample them, one-by-one, with an occasional recommendation from our host. Brie for your chardonnay or sharp cheddar for my Cab? After a w...  read more >>

  • Ahrisan ( 31 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    Somewhere close by to where I live, to check out some yummy different cafe for lunch! A nice place with a nice view where it's not too loud where we can chat. We can always walk to someplace closeby to check out somethin...  read more >>

  • Positivevibes17 ( 48 / W / Rochester, NY )

    I'm ok with anything that we are able to have conversation , after that I'm game for's the company you keep so I'm fine with just about anything , I'm versatile like that ..

  • SexyNerd20 ( 20 / W / Missoula, MT )

    It is up to you

  • Rouletteman ( 64 / M / Grimsby, England - Lincolnshire )

    What are views on Vegan / raw / gluten free ?

  • Angelrose7777 ( 47 / W / Battle Creek, MI )

    Somewhere we would both feel comfortable.

  • RAMiller ( 56 / W / New York, NY )

    Quiet, elegantly casual setting, unusual food paired with boutique wines, fresh flowers on the table, candles at dusk, stimulating and engaging conversation and laughter. Oh yes, must have music!

  • Wanderlust220 ( 27 / W / New York, NY )

    I love trying dishes from all over the world. You take me to a place with a dish I've never tried before and I'm already sold. Even if it's not my taste I will try anything once

  • creativelynice ( 59 / W / Somerset, NJ )

    We can first meet over coffee or a drink. Of course, a romantic dinner is always nice.

  • JediNight ( 49 / M / Horsham, Victoria )

    Poaching yabbies,tuning up rich women :)

  • A_Natural_Fit ( 44 / M / Santa Cruz, CA )

    Could be anything -- a great restaurant, a night out dancing -- and then we’re both looking forward to seeing each other again. :)

  • AdrienneTrystan ( 37 / W / Calgary, AB )

    I would love to do a cooking class with wine pairing. It would be fun and playful. Then go for a drink after and really get to know each other.

  • SaraIrena ( 34 / W / Lasko, Celje )

    up to you...