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  • iamjjjj ( 57M / Blackwood, NJ )


    Meeting for coffee or dinner not a bad idea.

  • HindSight1520 ( 28W / Lynnwood, WA )


    I like being some place public, some place comfortable for both of us so we can talk freely. A hot cup of tea and a walk somewhere interesting would be nice.

  • pretty247 ( 35W / Maple Heights, OH )


    Going out and eating walking on the beach possibilities are endless

  • Christinemajick ( 38W / Seattle, WA )


    I would to go to a place that is relaxing to both of us a movie or dinner, I live in Renton so I love to have lunch at lake Washington sitting on a blanket in the grass you always find me at that lake lol

  • Nadia37 ( 37W / Australia )


    My first date with you would be just coffee

  • lonelynancy69 ( 37W / Georgetown, KY )


    My first date would be to go to a nice restaurant then maybe catch a movie afterwards.

  • rainbowwarrior77 ( 37W / Santa Fe, NM )


    Coffee or tea because the first few minutes we will know.... Then if all is looking good.... A hike... Nice dinner... Hot springs... Fire.... Stars... Dancing

  • mylife35 ( 35W / Calgary, AB )


    Lets go for coffee or tea and a decadent treat at this wonderful bakery, if we feel a spark we could always continue or date from there.

  • Haughty2014 ( 48W / Edmonton, AB )


    Just a coffee or latta to see if there is any genuine chemistry is the easiest or the best..very laid back no pressure.

  • posh2014 ( 29W / Swansea, Wales - Glamorgan )


    Could meet up at the park, go for a nice walk or go to the movies. Have a romantic dinner in Mayfair.... Go to the country side, have a romantic walk along the beach....

  • bestofme55 ( 56M / Barrie, ON )


    A drink or two will be fine at anywhere of your choice

  • lifeonepurpose ( 51W / Newport Beach, CA )


    I would like to keep it casual and conversational. Have lunch or go to listen to a local band and have a drink or meet up for breakfast after a morning run or walk at the beach or back bay. I love sunsets and romantic di  more>>

  • Songbird0821 ( 42W / Beverly Hills, CA )


    Something simple. A place where we can have a conversation.

  • RL_23107 ( 23W / Hartford, CT )


    Hmm let me get back to you on that

  • Lady_of_Black ( 30W / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )


    Just a drink so I can run in case I don't like you. đŸ˜‰