First Date Ideas

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  • YouthfulOne ( 48 / W / Fair Oaks, CA )

    A first date or a first meeting should be something casual. If the chemistry and communication feels right then we can figure out something fun to do next.

  • LivingforGod7 ( 48 / W / Pittsburgh, PA )

    My first date was just bland and boring. We went to an old drive-in theater till quite late at night then to a local restaurant for breakfast.

  • Where2now ( 63 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Let's meet at a quaint café and get to know each other. If there's chemistry, we'll know and go from there.

  • WalterDreamer ( 50 / M / Rancho Palos Verdes, CA )

    I am straight forward and I think you are as well so some coffee possibly a biscoti and a nice conversation to see each other as we are would be the best and a candid walk around the area.

  • SweetPavlova ( 36 / W / Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg )

    I'm not sure about the dinner date at the first time -- I'm a little bit old fashioned..... An hour or two of conversation over the coffee (champagne) would be a good start, instead of "stuck " for few hours of...  read more>>

  • Meli88 ( 52 / W / Blackburn, Victoria )

    I'd like to meet up for a coffee and a chat for a first date (but I only drink tea)!

  • Caroljj ( 62 / W / Surrey, BC )

    First meet up should be at a local coffee shop. I'm sure we will both be slightly uncomfortable.

  • Andrea0323 ( 34 / W / Oakland, CA )

    Let's start with a cup of coffee and see if it's worth more of our time.

  • WorldTraveler87 ( 58 / M / Denver, CO )

    At our age, we know instinctively, and almost immediately if there might be a connection. Thus the best way to see if there is a connection is to have a quick coffee - and if there is a spark, then arrange the next step...  read more>>

  • Ntimestwo ( 64 / W / Longboat Key, FL )

    It's always best to arrange a first meeting in a casual atmosphere where both parties are relaxed. Meeting for a cup of coffee or tea seems to be a good way to start.

  • MaggieMay18 ( 35 / W / Edmonton, AB )

    honest emails exchange- getting to know each other, coffee, walk in the park.

  • GIDLUND77 ( 53 / W / San Jose, CA )


  • beau09 ( 35 / W / Farmington, MI )

    Let's meet for a cup of coffee and hope we can plan the next more fun and more personal date.

  • Boogerwaves73 ( 43 / M / Roselle, NJ )

    Whatever money can buy .

  • nika2016 ( 45 / W / Farmington, MI )

    I don't want to text back and forth for weeks, meeting face to face is the only way to know,if we feel that special connection ... First date has to be short some place for coffee and see if we would like to have another...  read more>>