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  • ivettethegreat ( 33W / Houston, TX )


    Brunch would be ideal hoping it would lead to lunch and dinner full of conversation and laughs. You know the convos that you have when you start off nervous and end up laughing so much your cheeks hurt.

  • ShoneaMGreene ( 36W / North Las Vegas, NV )


    We could enjoy LasVegas entertainment &follow our favorite artists to support their movement.Ride houses and watch games together

  • Ideserveluv ( 48W / Syracuse, NY )


    Romantic dinner and get to know each other

  • jezzee1 ( 55W / Lincroft, NJ )


    A quiet place for a coffee or a light cocktail to see if we're going to plan a second. .. :)

  • Bells36 ( 35W / South Africa )


    Candle light dinner for two - a picnic in the park -

  • MsBigEyz ( 46W / Atlanta, GA )


    Wow me with something original with a touch of creativity simply made.

  • Tangelab5 ( 45W / Miami, FL )


    Getting to know one another likes and don't likes

  • easyontheeyes928 ( 31W / Philadelphia, PA )


    The first date would be doing something were we could just indulge in a great mature conversation.

  • TheQueenofRose ( 25W / Miami, FL )


    Just a small bite to eat and a place we can talk, and I'm happy.

  • jhood1979 ( 36W / Saint Rose, LA )


    Camping trip nice vue water since beautiful area with us kiss and cuddling

  • DevG__ ( 19W / Plano, TX )


    I'd love to meet up for brunch, get a few drinks and if the weather is nice we would sit outside. This is the perfect place to laugh and talk and get to know one another!

  • Linarite_ ( 38W / Oak Ridge, TN )


    Glass of wine or two at a brunch

  • browlash ( 45W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    Chat over a coffee, wine & dine or a walk in the park. Who cares as long as we get to know each other.

  • Melanie99 ( 18W / Guatemala )


    Almuerzo o cena estarĂ­a bien, una caminata seria hermoso flores, chocolates <3

  • FaithinLA ( 41W / Marina del Rey, CA )


    A concert in the park, a blanket, bottle of wine, cheese and crackers. Outdoors is always wonderful. We live so close to the ocean it can be a long walk on the sand. A hike in the mountains and a picnic.