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  • Cleverandquiet (22W/Ithaca, NY)


    I'd love to go horseback riding and have a picnic overlooking a scenic landscape.

  • 443flo (57M/Baltimore, MD)


    Coffee,lunch,restaurant where there is great food and drink,and also,quiet environment.

  • Ann44442000 (48W/Kingston, Saint Andrew)


    My first date idea would be sightseeing or walking in the park.

  • Vegeta49 (49M/Orlando, FL)


    some where she and I could talk to get to know each other,communication is very important in a relationship,without communication and trust,the relationship is doomed to fail

  • Victoria_Frances (23W/Brooklyn, NY)


    Being new to the city, if you can take me somewhere I have never been (which is most places) that would be so enjoyable and romatnic for me.

  • Maria123452001 (55W/Hesperia, CA)


    A stroll on the beach or a park.

  • AsPauds (21W/Beverly Hills, CA)


    Seeing something new or breathtaking or something artistic like fun crafts

  • azulskys7 (50W/South Sioux City, NE)


    Just you and me going for a candle light dinner and then take a long walk on the beach. Enjoying the fresh smell of the salt water and maybe collecting shells as we walk the beach.

  • Wildangie (46W/Pleasanton, CA)


    ......The life journey is getting short and meaningless without that special one besides your shoulder, life is pointless unless love is deep in the heart..... I really enjoy waking in the rainy days, feel the pure quiet  more>>

  • CollegeSugar96 (18W/Prospect Heights, IL)


    Coffee, lunch, or an afternoon at the beach to get to know each other.

  • jess1432000 (37W/Sydney, New South Wales)


    Take me to a quiet place with earth under our backs, cradled in a forest glade, there we will point out things we see and acknowledge those things we do not. In solitude, we take in the wisdom offered in each others and  more>>

  • peace117 (42W/San Diego, CA)


    Would you like to cruise on water?

  • Tashnaya (22W/North York, ON)


    Movies, dinner, basketball and surprises.

  • Decency_ (32W/Bethlehem, PA)


    Will decide together when the time comes.

  • malinga2002 (30W/belfast, Mpumalanga)


    How about we have lunch maybe in a restaurant and go out sightseeing from there if you like I can cook dinner for us eat and we can take a walk outside and find a good quiet spot to relax and have a nice talk