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Random Daytime Activities

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  • PamelaShaffer ( 37W / Clanton, AL )


    I've had a pretty tough past year and would love to just sit on a blanket somewhere and have an intelligent & rational conversation with a person that actually listens and genuinely cares about mankind.

  • michemon ( 39W / Denver, CO )


    Anything that starts out simple with the opportunity to expand into something greater. I would like to meet in the daytime where you can really see each other and talk one on one to share what your really about.

  • spanishplum718 ( 38W / Murrieta, CA )


    In a remote area where we can have drinks and food.....

  • Goddess_Sita ( 57W / Worcester, PA )


    Being present with each other, appreciating every moment... I enjoy conversation, I also enjoy quiet times, just being together, with no need to talk.

  • Memeonly1ofme ( 40W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Be Spontaneous! Dress casual & loose! Go do anything that comes to mind. Don't plan it. Let things flow the first date. Get to know each others personalities and likes/dislikes. Be courteous and respectful. Be yrself.

  • JustPeachy22 ( 22W / Atlanta, GA )


    I rarely actually go on dates unfortunately. But my best dates have been in the day usually a trip to the park or a late lunch downtown. Im easy to please but i do like guys that actually try to please me.

  • DarlingBeloved ( 35W / Portland, OR )


    I can have fun almost anywhere. My ideal date means we have good chemistry and genuinely enjoy getting to know one another. I'd like to hear about your life and laugh together. An ideal first date could be meeting at a r  more>>

  • bright_creative ( 47W / Simsbury, CT )


    Oh shucks, something unconventional, something silly, something curious. It could be an ordinary activity made extraordinary with imagination. An activity that allows both to gain understanding of how the other interacts  more>>

  • ksanchez ( 19W / Grand Prairie, TX )


    I rather be relaxed with the person, go feed some fish at the pond and talk (:

  • Charlene777 ( 36W / Germantown, MD )


    A place where we can see if there is that spark:) but a place of fun, because if there's a spark...WOW sky is the limit right:) and no spark, whelp we can always enjoy the lonely drive of "wtf did I go there for"! Hahaha  more>>

  • TracyAnn5178 ( 36W / Birkenhead, England - Merseyside )


    Leave it to my date! As I love surprises..

  • Rebeccagt ( 29W / Epsom, England - Surrey )


    A picnic in the park, or maybe a casual dinner and a nice stroll somewhere different.

  • SnowOrchid ( 25W / Quebec, QC )


    How about we go on a ski trip?

  • MrMarcus2014 ( 48M / Calumet City, IL )


    Sitting on the lakefront faces to face. Talking about life. Both of us not worried about anyone else. Just engaged in each other. Smiles and those first awkward hand touch. Letting each other know we are connecting.

  • Sisley2014 ( 47W / Arhus, Arhus )


    where we can be alone in a natural settings out in nature for example? with a glass of wine...