First Date Ideas

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  • Europe3 ( 38 / W / St Catharines, ON )

    Swim, boat, kayak, Sea Doo, SUP, and and All water sports. Than, eat steak/Lobster ( I am not a cook to be forthcoming, but can prep/clean before & after...Lol) Chill around a fire and indulge in solitude!

  • Karin12345 ( 29 / W / Milano, Lombardia )

    It was be nice to do something in a relaxed environment, maybe playing golf or going for a walk somewhere beautiful

  • christinaleigh ( 26 / W / Portland, ME )

    Lets do something fun and different then going out to eat like most people do.

  • Ministersmith01 ( 48 / M / Santa Rosa Beach, FL )

    A Nice elegant restaurant and afterwards a walk on the beach. Spending the day together getting to know one another. Doing things that each other like to do.

  • SunnyBreezes ( 44 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Meeting and being able to hit it off will lead to laughter and fun..

  • RC243WSSM ( 49 / M / Ocean City, MD )


  • dtjd316 ( 52 / W / Norman, OK )

    Take a drive in the country. Stop in a small town and grab a bite to eat. Smile and enjoy the face across the table from me. Who knows what the rest of the day will be

  • Hopefloats1975 ( 42 / W / Rogersville, TN )

    Walking and talking. Get to know each other better. It can be a serious task and a deep welled subject. I live close to Pigeon Forge and have been known to escape down there to just walk and sink it all in. There is noth...  read more >>

  • jerich859agm ( 49 / M / Bellevue, KY )

    taking a long walk and seeing how much we connect

  • Monni17 ( 37 / W / Prior Lake, MN )

    Fun activity - miniature golf, bowling, wine tasting or touring, etc. that will allow us to chat followed by few drinks.

  • BayAreaBoo ( 42 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    I'm pretty open, but probably won't be enthusiastic about: 1. Wine tasting to more than one nice spot (not because I don't love good wine) 2. Going to the movies (I love a good movie..but I'd rather do this on a rainy da...  read more >>

  • ClassyButNerdy ( 22 / W / Dothan, AL )

    I have to say, the best first dates I ever had were completely unplanned. Going to some well-populated, city area where there's attractions and activities and just walking down the street deciding on the spot where we wa...  read more >>

  • SmilesBrightly ( 39 / W / Seattle, WA )

    Lots of flirting!

  • Peytoncool ( 59 / W / Fountain, CO )

    It would be fun to walk around the zoo and get to know each other better.

  • atiemann ( 46 / W / Georgetown, TX )

    Do something random and have an adventure. Go to a downtown and try to find the oldest building there or go for drinks and hit every, EVERY bar on the street - can only stay for 15 minutes until you visit the next one.