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  • astrogirl12 ( 29W / Stockton, CA )


    Dinner and drinks.....in Argentina!!! Wouldn't that be lovely? Just taking in all the sights and sounds of South America. Talking, getting to know each other, strolling down the street hand in hand...until we come to Luj  more>>

  • 2wheelsGofaster ( 36W / Vancouver, BC )


    My favourite first date idea is coffee and a dog walk.

  • Asia_D ( 23W / Germany )


    Well I'm an optimistic type of person so surprise me.. I like a man who can plan an entire evening

  • Katistar009 ( 36W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    I don't mind going to a pet shelter and volunteering for the day, the dogs will tell me a lot about you.

  • Countrygirl2392 ( 22W / Menomonee Falls, WI )


    Never actualy had a actual date lol an anythin has to include my daughter too

  • HulaMan ( 65M / Santa Barbara, CA )


    Visit the Parrot Sanctuary where I volunteer and then have dinner at Arnoldi's and play bocce ball.

  • anasteele85 ( 29W / London, England - London )


    At the moment I have no idea:) Better to choose before the date:)

  • jec71688 ( 26W / East Meadow, NY )


    Petting zoo, coffee, Magic Kingdom, minigolf--obviously not taking my car since it is too cheap to make the list here! Geez!

  • kittyhola ( 36W / Sherman Oaks, CA )


    Thirsty, thumbs, Thai, Thursday, thirty characters? Paris

  • T_Girl ( 57W / Westville, IL )


    do you like a strong but submissive woman? I love a man that knows what he likes and takes it an man that stands firm with his woman but gentle, who knows how to touch her not just her mind and soul but her body as well  more>>

  • MirandaT555 ( 49W / Williamsburg, VA )


    My first date would be a walk on the beach, walking in the park or simply going out at night and simply star gazing.

  • vetgirl01 ( 34W / Singapore )


    Visit animal shelters or volunteer to animal welfares

  • alicesins ( 36W / Camas, WA )


    U will meet me and my dog Luci. We will visit find out about each other's future goals morals etc

  • ayesh987 ( 23M / Newport, Wales - Monmouthshire )


    im up for anything. im only scared of 2 things. speed and hight

  • AstanaDasti ( 47W / Chesterfield, England - Derbyshire )


    Meal and chat, wildlife park, walk